• Can someone recommend a web builder?
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I'm currently using Wix Premium, but the simple web editor, shitty tech support, is really pissing me off because I'm currently trying to redesign my site. Does anyone have a alternative option when it comes to web builders? Squarespace is really confusing with the editor.
Whats wrong with squarespaces editor? imo its not that bad
Wordpress, maybe?
if you like shit security sure
I used Adobe Muse to make a few smaller and simple pages. Its pretty easy to get into for just that. Probably more powerful if you get deeper into it as well. Sadly its on its last version and will be fully unsupported some time next year and you pretty much rely on it to update your sites.
security nightmare Honestly, just try a bit harder to learn how to use Squarespace
If you care enough to buy premium, Adobe Dreamweaver is great and simple enough to use.
Is it better than the massive mess of "what the fuck are you doing" that it used to be?
Putting down dreamweaver and using a text editor was the best thing I ever did in our webdev classes, which really didn't intend to have us understand anything about what we were doing.
Webdev has shifted quite a bit since then
We were taught to construct our websites with TABLES and FRAMES Our webdev teacher was stuck in the 90's
It's a lot more feasible these days to go far in web design without even touching code. Of course, if you really want to know how all the HTML/CSS works then go ahead, but there's no need to make extra work for yourself. I was doing the text-editor-only approach for awhile too but if there came a time where I needed to make a website in the least amount of time I'd also opt for something like Squarespace too. Making sites from scratch is interesting, but slow.
I like doing it raw with Brackets with foundation
Oh shit, ours too lmao we were never even taught what divs were, had to find that shit out myself (that said Dreamweaver is okay imo=
you aren't a real man if you use a WYSIWYG web editor
yes you are, you're just not a developer
You know, why aren't there editors with a live display of what you're doing? It'd made testing out designs so much faster.
Because its a pain in the fucking ass to get them to work in such a way that they'll render like a browser, embedding chromium or something only goes so far with supporting HTML5 and CSS3. Also not accurate to how other browsers will render the effect, its better to just have a work path that automatically opens whatever you're testing/building in the actual browsers at a click of a button, nothing like hitting a macro and it opens, chrome, firefox, opera and edge at the same time on your local project.
There are plugins for this for plenty of things. I know VS Code has plugins for live markdown preview, live HTML preview etc.
VScode is a web browser lmao
adobe brackets has a live display natively supported
I disagreed because there are tools such as Pinegrow Web Editor which is designed to facilitate writing the code with a WYSIWYG-joined interface, as opposed to avoiding code altogether. There's also other things which are sometimes best with a GUI rather than CLI or writing code, and some developers prefer GUI to CLI in some cases. But in terms of web design, there's so many different kinds of tools out there, I think you'd be better with WYSIWYG software like Dreamweaver if you want flexibility, as opposed to some sort of online website creator. I've not used Dreamweaver in a long time, but it might be worth a shot, or look for similar software. I mentioned Pinegrow in this post more to answer the whole "developer" thing, but if you're intrigued into learning more of the code-generation side (which is a really good idea if you plan to continue designing websites) then that might be worth trying too.
Notepad Seriously though I find modern Dreamweaver to work fine
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