• No computers visible on network
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Just did a fresh install of win10pro (1803) on a SSD. Now I can't see or connect to any of my networked computers. steps taken: network discovery is enabled for all profiles All services are running (function discovery, uPnP, DNS client, remote services, SSDP) Tried network reset All computers are on workgroup Enabled SMB net view returns "The specified network name is no longer available" Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Im assuming this means you have no network connectivity, have you tried re-installing the network drivers?
No I have full network functionality apart from discovering devices on said network.
Are all the machines windows 10? Manual navigation should work fine.
Technically I got it working... it can see my server machine now which is all I really need but I had start all the previously listed services on the server which was perfectly discoverable previously and still is by all other devices except this one. Whatever works I guess.
Do they show up if you do arp -a in CMD?
Yes arp shows all the expected devices.
Are you trying to use their hostnames or IPs? If the hostnames aren't working, they aren't being resolved by DNS. Some routers handle this if you make them your DNS server. Either that, or your previous install had them hardcoded in your HOSTS file.
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