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Hi. So my keyboard on my MSI GL72 7QF-1057 has a weird bug that cropped up within the last month or so. Whenever I type specifically the 'o' or '1' key sometimes the computer doesn't type in the key, but it does once I hit another key. For example if I hit the 'o' key, it won't submit it. But once I press another key like 'i' it'll type "oi". So it seems the key has been loaded into an internal buffer on the keyboard but it hasn't been submitted to the computer. I've tried disabling drivers and reinstalling the keyboard driver (Its using the MS default PS/2 drivers) to no avail. I booted to Ubuntu to see if it was a Windows only thing and it seems like it might be. However I'm not entirely convinced its software. Should I replace my keyboard or is there something deeper I can do? As this issue crops up for like an hour and then it'll "fix itself" and suddenly my keyboard works normally for another day or so. Thanks.
Sounds like you have the keyboard set to an international variant in windows. If you press right alt, o, then ', do you get ó?
Nope I don't get that at all, it doesn't input any characters for me when I hold right alt.
Ah, sorry. Just press in sequence -- not held.
However looking into my Advanced Typing Settings I did find that my default input method was using the "Use Language List" instead of English US (which I have switched over to now). I don't think that really changes anything though. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110848/3c1c9d21-6fef-4759-957b-8d18e267f2ce/image.png
If you also happen to have two keys that are somehow being held down during the time you're having this issue then it sounds like a key jamming issue. Otherwise if this issue is bothersome enough I would start by reinstalling the drivers (which you did), then reinstalling Windows. If that doesn't fix it then you might have to conclude the keyboard to be defective. You might have to do a long-term test in Ubuntu as well to confirm it, otherwise it might just be some weird bug with your particular keyboard and Windows. I did a quick search and it seems like someone had the same exact issue as you (but on a different MSI laptop), but with no solution unfortunately.
Try on another PC, a phone works as well if you have the adapter and type C Try a different keyboard that should rule out software related shit Also might help to look at any software like autohotkey/lgs/razor for rebinding. I sometimes get stuck keys using lgs
I suppose I should try to clean it and reseat the connector to the Mobo and see if that does anything. Replacement keyboards are currently $35 - $45 on ebay so fuck that noise unless I absolutely have too. That's eerie that that MSI user also had the exact same issue as me. Can't do that, its the internal keyboard that's at fault.
Super delayed follow up to this. So the problem I had can be a hardware fault however what I did to correct it within the past week was: Dust out the keys and my laptop in general with canned air (made sure I dusted underneath the keycaps). Reset/reflashed my MSI Embedded Controller. Reflashed my BIOS. Disconnect and reconnect the keyboard ribbon cable from my motherboard. It was probably more dusting and reconnecting the keyboard ribbon cable that did the most good, but there's my steps. I hope this helps future people.
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