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Hello! Are you a programmer that is dissatisfied that your code can't effect the real world? Are you disappointed that your laptop can't go and get your coffee for you? Or are you simply a more humble person who wants to be productive but at the same time is incredibly lazy? Maybe your a Factorio addict who wants to actually make money while wasting away hours upon hours automating things. Regardless of how you got here I wish you a warm welcome and feel free to shoot the shit about Automation in general. On the subject of scifi: Unless the mods barge in here and tell me I'm out of line Scifi is ok to talk about here given how almost every robotics community that focuses only on robotics dies because it fails to establish a culture due to simply a lack of people interested. So if you've just read prelude to the foundation it's all cool to extrapolate here but I think there'd be better places to put that but its robot-ish so your fine. Anyway here's some blue robots doing things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQB9AAZJluw Hobby automation stuff is also amazing and if you built a 3d printer out of a few stepper motors and a raspberry pi i'd love to see it! TUTORIAL SECTION ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ROBOT TUTORIALS: Before we go on don't push yourself on this stuff, you don't need to learn everything at once and I'm not going to sugar coat it: This stuff is nearly as dry as the Mojave. CAUTION: Massive sound variations and due to how robotics is a world wide thing it's actually surprisingly difficult to find videos in English. (in descending order of easiest to use to most difficult) ABB: Setting up a tool in robot studio: General ABB robot studio Tutorials ABB programming with teach pendant ABB User Manual Yaskawa Motoman: (this is the one that angrily beeps at you) Yaskawa 101 Yaskawa 102 Motosim for welding Yaskawa programming with teach pendant Yaskawa User Manual Fanuc: For some reason a majority of roboguide videos are in Spanish. Roboguide tutorial (in spanish) Fanuc programming with teach pendant Fanuc User Manual Kuka: Hard to find visual documentation on KUKA Simpro Also again, mostly in Spanish. KUKA teach pendant programming <-- Mute Immediately KUKA User manual download MACHINE VISION TUTORIALS: Cognex A decent tutorial from the manufacturer?! what magic is this! That intro though is... uhh Interesting? ABB to Cognex integration <--In Danish(?) A diamond to who can verify. IR Vision: Fear the webinar IR Vision Manual PLC TUTORIALS: Allen Bradley: Allen Bradley Programming Allen Bradley user manual Siemens: Siemens 101 Siemens plc user manual Help I locked myself in a safety cage with a robot after telling it to swing around wildly and I don't feel very safe anymore what do I do!?: An actual forum dedicated to robotics that's basically dead but has a few nuggets of information you might find useful. alternatively just ask this thread. Also don't get hit. If you know of any other companies that have publicly accessible resources or better tutorials of stuff above please contact me and give me the link(s) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Oh. I thought this was about the car company tycoon game.
No its just regular car tycoons sorry.
I've got a robotic snake in the making for my diploma thesis, recently got it to work, it's nothing too fancy, just testing if we can get it to work and it kinda does, should I post a vid?
go for it
Okay, here's a simulation of a 3-link snake I've done in V-REP some time ago using serpenoid inputs (just a specific periodic, sinosoidal, input) to rotate the servomotors in each joint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArS0dbOJWSo And here's the first session where I could make it move as I want, using a simple input where the angle for each joint is periodically increasing/decreasing by a constant: https://youtu.be/q8UixFBFkFA
It feels weird not bashing my head against the wall trying to get siemens plcs to talk to send data to each other reliably... Winter break is unnerving
It even sounds like an angry snake
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