• "Overpowered" Gaming Laptops from Walmart?
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Just curious if anyone has any experience with the re-branded TongFang laptops that Walmart sells under its "Overpowered" brand. The prices were just lowered, and while they were originally a bit steep in cost for their specs, they're currently at a really desirable price range, arguably beating out the Helios 300 when it comes to price-performance, especially with the mechanical keyboard and 1TB hard drive. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114655/a15eb7df-5dfb-476c-aa68-cd2489407d17/t.PNG https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114655/2677929a-19ba-4b1c-b577-6a9c10cc0ece/p.PNG This TongFang is the same we've seen from other resellers like Eluktronics, so it's not like Walmart had a role in building them like the disaster that is the desktop PCs. QC would be the same as any TongFang reseller. Any reason not to get this over a Helios 300 as a Christmas present other than "because Walmart?" The only risk I could see is skimping out on the RAM, HDD, SSD, or PSU, but even the parts in the desktops ended up being perfectly acceptable after being scrutinized by Tech Jesus, and Walmart offers a decent enough warranty policy. If anything, the price cut, the mechanical keyboard, and the improved thermal solution makes it arguably better than the Helios 300 at a cheaper price, but it's easy to be hesitant about Walmart branded PCs.
Make sure it isn't "enhanced" by something called Intel Optimus. If you can't find any info on that for this laptop then you're probably fine on that point. I say this because Optimus routes the GPU through the CPU for reasons, but forces the output framerate to 60. Which means despite having a 144hz fancy screen you'd never get to see more than 60fps.
This laptop is, for all intents and purposes, likely identical to the "Eluktronics Mech-15 g2", "Schenker XMG Neo 15", and other similar devices, and since I don't see anything about Optimus on those devices, I imagine it's the same for this laptop. For $999, Walmart having the benefit of scale, it really seems like an unbeatable bargain with literally no drawbacks, which is concerning.
I would really avoid shit like this from Walmart https://youtu.be/ehKsjuWYEg4
The problem is that this is in response to the desktops, which are, I imagine, built in-house. The laptops, on the other hand, are just rebranded TongFang laptops which Walmart never has the opportunity to fuck up. They're the same laptops that have been rated very well, like the ones I listed above, but at lower prices due to Walmart's insane economics of scale. Additionally, the laptops are about $600 less than when this video was made. They've been repriced in the last day or two, which has changed a lot of perspective. It really comes down to QC and Walmart's customer service. With desktops, a few chances at problems due to cable management failures by Walmart's inhouse folk, but the laptop is OEM from Tongfang, which has a pretty decent reputation for these mass produced barebones machines.
I'd avoid buying anything from Walmart because ordering shit through Walmart.com is a fucking death sentence. I have dealt with stuff relating to Walmart.com while I worked for Walmart and they pretty much operate like two different companies with the same name. You cannot return things you got on walmart.com to the store, so you have to go through a bunch of fucked up stuff to return it. Not only that but the extra warranty Walmart sells on top of stuff are pretty much scams. If it comes to the store through anything other than Fedex or UPS, your package is going to be man-handled like the town whore. If it ships through YRC/Yellow Line. It -will- get damaged or lost.
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After my experience with two "gaming" laptops in the past, i can't help but think that Windows 10 consoles >>>> gaming laptops because if you intend to game on a laptop, you're gonna be stationary 99.9% of the time anyways. Additionally, most games generally favour high single-core performance, so a desktop i3 or i5 will be better with games than the CPUs typically found in laptops. If you absolutely need something to type up documents on the go, i'd probably wait for those android laptop docks.
I wouldn't buy any ODM laptop. My experience with ODM stuff tells me that you will get overall better and more robust internal design from non-ODM brands.
I primarily use this for programming and testing projects, which means the 1060 is sort of necessary. Additionally, since my primary driver is a 144hz IPS, it's nearly impossible for me to use a 60hz display on a regular basis, especially if I were to use the two devices side by side.
https://youtu.be/mx0BUSjHuxo Here's a newly released teardown of the cheaper SKU. Anyone have any information about the SSD being used here? Goldkey is pretty meh, but I mean, not necessarily a deal breaker. The thermals are fantastic though, and with the addition of the HDD and mechanical keyboard, it's an insane buy.
I have a "gaming" laptop that works fine for all intents and purposes. Didn´t buy it from Walmart though.
My question is mostly as to whether the OP's i7 / 1060 model chassis has a better cooling solution than the Predator Helios 300's infamous one.
I wouldn't trust Walmart with anything like that. Rather have a custom build done by myself, if not mounted by whatever store I bought the parts from, if they do have the option to build it. Yeah you have to learn some basic stuff about what you want and what you'll need after to have it all work well, but its better than to have glued bits on the mobo.
This is explicitly in regards to their laptops, which are manufactured by TongFang. Many reputable companies have resold this very same chassis build, like Eluktronics, but for higher prices due to the fact that they don't have Walmart's economics of scale. Walmart never touches the build before it's packaged, they simply have their logo slapped on the shell and pick out the parts they want TongFang to install. I obviously can't build a laptop myself, and Walmart doesn't make them themselves, so no concern about hot glue. It's mostly a question of the quality of the parts they've chosen, and their customer service.
If all you're getting fuckered on is the SSD and RAM you can pop new ram and SSD in reasonably cheap, so really the question isn't is the laptop worth it, is the laptop + new ram and SSD worth it? Add the cost of those onto the cost of the laptop, is it still worth the price?
Still wouldn't quite trust them but if its prebuilt elsewhere, I guess it would be fine? They could always screw up the order and deliver an inferior version for a higher price mark
I wouldn't touch it with a stick. Something has got to give with those internals at that price point, usually the quality of the mechanical construction. My prediction is that the hinges will exploded into a thousand pieces within a year.
The chassis is by a reputable brand that has made this exact same chassis for other reputable boutique sellers like Eluktronics for a higher price point. The only reason Walmart can sell for so low is because they used cheaper SSD and RAM, but the chassis is the same good TongFang chassis used in $1600 laptops that have been reviewed very positively even for that price. The same chassis at $899 (on sale now) is a steal. The only lower end "materials" are the Goldkey RAM, which isn't even that bad, and mostly is an issue because it's a single stick. Not dual channel. The other low end choice is the non branded SSD, which performs well, but no idea long term reliability. The last little niggle is that the bios and software support is Walmart's job, but they've pushed out updates and seem to be on top of that. Honestly, all things considered, for $899, you would be insane not to buy it if you have the money, and just upgrade the RAM to dual channel of the same model and (if you're really picky) the SSD. Still, that would, max, cost $300 and that's still a bargain. Considering it has a mech keyboard and good thermals.
Fair enough, thank you for setting me straight. I'm just wary because I've been burned before
Just by that thumbnail alone, that's really cheap construction. I tear down laptops all the time and that's on par with Costco floor model $300 specials
Gaming laptops used to be a total and incompetent joke, and only had awful water-down versions of something that almost resembled that """GPU""" now they can have full desktop GPU's that aren't downgraded trash Expensive, yes, but for the right price they can be just as powerful as a desktop.
And it at the very least had the potential to be even worse than that. A friend of mine owned a a laptop back in 2013 which had a Radeon HD 7970M in it, and it was complete hit and miss whether it would actually get used or not, regardless of power saving settings. Worked fine after a custom BIOS version was installed, though
Keep in mind that Linux doesn't like these laptops for some reason, the store I work at has been selling Tongfang based laptops for over a year now, and the Linux support for it is not good for them.
Have you considered getting a work station, a problem with consumer laptops is build quality, which workstations might avoid. The downfall of my previous two laptops happened when the hinges failed. From what I've found the laptops tend to be more expensive for similar spec's when compared to gaming laptops and have less games focused GPUs. Best part is they skip all the gamer style.
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