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My previous headset was the Logitech G633, which I thought were great. One of the best features was its robust side tone (aka mic monitoring) - the ability to hear yourself speak through your speakers, in real time and with no delay. Eventually, this headset broke and I decided to replace them with their wireless equivalent, the G933s. Structurally these headsets are almost the same, but I'm struggling with the fact that the side tone on this new headset is practically non-existent. So quiet, I can't hear it at all during normal use. After many hours of searching for support and other answers, it's becoming apparent that the sidetone on the G933s will never match the G633s, and so I'm back on the market for a new headset. The issue is, it's incredibly difficult to find useful information on these things. Everywhere you look there seems to be conflicting information. My question to you is: Can you please recommend me a headset with loud, configurable side tone (with no delay). Several options I've been reading up on are the Corsair Void Pro (Wired and Wireless) as well as the SteelSeries Arctis 5 (wired) or Arctis 7 (wireless). Each of which has varying degrees of positive and negative opinions floating around. I'm half expecting I'm going to have to revert back to a wired solution, but so be it. I'm open to suggestions Wired or Wireless. If anybody has used either of these 2 headphones, or any other headset which features good side tone features, I would love some feedback. Thanks for your time.
That has far too much delay unfortunately, it's like a speech jammer.
you do know about the setting in logitech software right? you can turn it up quite a bit. I don't actually use the feature myself though so it could still not be good enough.
Yes, of course. On the G633s I can have the side tone volume up at around 25% and it's loud and clear. With the G933s I have have it at 100% and I can't make out anything.
Get an audio interface that supports live monitoring and never think about this again. This seems like a strange feature to build into headphones, I didn't know that was a thing.
That sounds complicated and expensive. It's not really a strange features, it's quite useful - it makes communicating much easier when you can hear yourself speak over a loud game or through noise- cancelling headphones.
Its stops you from yelling and let's you know the mic is working. I tend to start yelling if my voice is muffled for some reason. I do it all the time when I have earplugs in.
Yes, exactly. If I can't hear myself I have a hard time regulating my volume and I'm most likely speaking gibberish. IF you're currently using one with side tone, what headset do you have?
I'm using a Corsair Void RGB headset, not the pro version though so I don't know the differencec, and I can tell you, at full volume the sidetone is almost imperceptible. Even when I blow directly into the boom- which blows out everyone else's ears on Discord- I can hear it, but it's only about 10% as loud as it actually is. I have to basically deepthroat the boom to notice it working at all. It's a good headset, just.. Not for sidetone.
Unfortunately I use an Antlion Modmic with Sennheiser HD 598's. My Asus Xonar has a "monitor" mode so its zero latency.
Sounds exactly like my G933s. That sounds like one to avoid then, thanks for your input. Ah I see, thanks for letting me know.
I've found the inbuilt windows function perfectly fine for sidetone as long as you are plugging it straight into the front panel or rear audio I/O. I remember it used to lag a few years ago but it's been fine recently on Win 10. If you get a headset that uses 3.5mm jacks you should be fine.
Yeah that's one conclusion I came to after so many people were suggesting to use it and reporting no delays. Did test it, unfortunately this particular headset is still whisper quiet - and also totally negates the wireless aspect of it. My USB wired set had built in monitoring in the software and it was loud and instant.
Just an update, I recently purchased the LucidSound LS31 headset. Pretty decent quality, detachable mic AND inbuilt mic, 2 sound channels (one for communications/one for games and system audio) which can be independently controlled straight from the headset. Best of all - good, decently loud sidetone. Perhaps not quite at the level of the Logitech G633s but still the next best thing I've found. Recommended if anyone else was looking for this, or even just wanted to check out other headsets in that price range.
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