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https://i.imgur.com/0pueb3O.png Welcome to "Computer Illiterate People Who Think They Know Things (& General Chat)", the thread that began as a place to mock and vent about the computer-illiterate people who tend to make our lives hell, but is now basically just general chat for computer nerds. We get up to some weird stuff (I'm pretty sure I was crowned emperor at one point?) but we're pretty open. Go ahead and talk about the latest overpriced piece of junk Nvidia shat out, the half-broken 90's Thinkpad you found in a dumpster, the limitless ways PHP sucks, or heck, even tell your story of a computer-illiterate person being an idiot about it. In addition to this thread we also have a [Steam Group], the occasional Google Hangout, and an IRC channel: Server: benjeffery.ca Port: 6667 Channel: #cipwttkt I hear there's also something called a "Telegram" but I have no idea what that even is, let alone how to use it. If you're looking for tech support or PC building advice, probably best to just make a new thread. There used to be threads for that but apparently that's not the way we do things anymore. Only real rule (besides the global FP rules) is, try not to go all fanboy on us. Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac? Vim vs. Emacs? Which Javascript framework is best? Who cares? Just have fun with it. Previous Threads (now pretty outdated) The version number is still in hexadecimal and this OP is so great that it was shamelessly stolen from the previous thread! Happy 2019 everyone!
This thread is terrible.
well only because you've gone and posted in it now
This thread smells weird.
Lyoka... you stink!
Update the OP!! We all chill here now: https://discord.gg/Abf4Xep
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Happy new year and stuff, I bet 2019 will be a pretty nice year for hardware. AMD plz kick intels ass thanks
I think this is the first time I've ever actually been excited for a CES, I'm tired of hearing about Polaris over and over (and watching nvidia's slow swan dive). Vega 2 better shake the gpu market up or I'm gonna be mad
Also, that IRC server in the OP is long dead.
Elgato is showing some stuff at CES which is neat. Wish I could travel to visit it.
i have diddly done it and now people can go straight to the discord right from that OP
Good work on the OP. To give us something to talk about that isn't so meta, what's everyones' favorite code editor these days? I recently switched to VSCode and am constantly surprised by how much I like it. Maybe that's just because I'm coming from Komodo and IntelliJ (depending on language) and both of those are just awful.
Mine is sublime, still. I love the amazing plugins there are available for it. Gitsavvy is truly amazing for git, number King (I believe it's called) is amazing for creating number sequences and sublimeLinter is great because of the many available linters and relative ease to add your own. The thing with going to a new editor for me is that getting properly used to it is a huge hurdle. I'm sure most, if not all of the advanced shit I do in sublime is possible in Emacs, vscode and whatnot, but it would take weeks of tweaking settings, installing plugins and getting to know the editor to create a new workflow.
VS Community 2017 for C++/C#, VSCode for everything else and on linux, notepad++ for opening random files to check stuff Qt Creator is also decent for c++ (had to use it for uni)
Sublime is and will be for a long time my go-to editor. I've been building up a perfect config for it for years now, It would be damn hard to go to anything else at this point.
VS Code myself too, although Java on it is far from a smooth experience even with the plugins.
Most of the code I write these days is pretty simple PHP and Python, I tend to stick to Sublime Text 3. I may have used VSCode before when I messed around with Unity and it wasn't too bad, I might have to give it another shot.
If you do, check out the extensions. It's fairly bog-standard IDE without them, but the quality of extensions makes it. By keeping optional functionality separate it keeps the IDE speedy plus you get the benefit of the specific features you need. Plus you can just import your Sublime Text keybinds ;) I particularly like GitLense and of course I force everyone on my team to use EditorConfig. I've tried to get my current project to use the Bit extension but no luck
Oh. Great. USB-C is getting officially sanctioned DRM. https://techreport.com/news/34358/usb-type-c-is-getting-safer-with-cryptographic-authentication “Using this protocol, host systems can confirm the authenticity of a USB device, USB cable or USB charger, including such product aspects as the capabilities and certification status,” said the USB-IF in a press release. 
As if USB C wasn't trash enough already.
Fucking Christ, does that mean manufacturers can make their devices reject cables/chargers that aren't their own brand? RIP third party USB cables. Say goodbye to being able to use one cable for multiple things.
Why? USB-C had barely taken off the ground tbh and I just got my first USB-C device(Samsung Galaxy S9)
The article touches upon the issues. USB-C supports a bunch of different standards, but if you spot a USB-C port in the wild, it's impossible to tell which of those standards it supports. Is it USB 3 speeds, or 2? Does it support Thunderbolt, or is it only USB? Does it support VirtualLink? Does it support any fancy form of power delivery, or will charging through this port be slow? Hell, there exists devices that have multiple USB-C ports with different capabilities, just to make it worse to keep track of. Additionally, cables vary wildly in quality, so even if you have a set of devices that should support a standard, your cable might make it fail. Adding DRM on top of it again is going to make it horrendous. Imagine how confusing this is for someone who's not a tech person. Imagine how confusing it'll get when USB-C becomes even more ubiquitous, as more and more standards get added to it and most devices end up with only USB-C ports on them. Things are going to fail if but a single of those things above are wrong, and if you're not a techie, it's gonna be near impossible to fix.
And I deal with that every day at my job.
I hate when people ask you for help from some generic system at work because you're a software developer. 'Hey, how does our billing system work' Man, I don't know Moonclerk just because I know how to write shitty code.
Even better when they get mad at you for not knowing.
There are obvious practical applications for this technology. One is avoiding wonky USB Type-C chargers, which is a well-documented and immensely frustrating hazard of owning a USB Type-C device. Instead of playing Russian roulette with a third party charger, whether it’s one you buy from Amazon or a charging port at a public terminal, the authentication should ameliorate any dangerous connections. Sure, you may end up without the ability to juice up your phone at the airport, but it’s better than the alternative. I can't see how this can stop non-compatible charger from forcibly shoving incompatible voltage into your device and frying charging chip. Great example is Nintendo Switch which uses USB-C and PD but uses custom implementation of USB PD and thus a lot of consoles were fried by custom docks when firmare 5.0 was released and it changed something in power delivery control.
https://www.neowin.net/news/cortana-will-no-longer-bother-it-pros-when-installing-windows-10-19h1 🦀
Anyone got recommendation for a cheap chip flasher (mostly for BIOS flashing)? The cheapo CH341A flasher is not supported on Windows 10 and buying the official software for it is sketchy as fuck. http://i.heykidwannayiff.com/OUTLOOK_2019-01-05_09-11-59.png Found my Windows tablet that's dead after a bios flash in a box while cleaning my room, so I want to try to fix it again. Might need to replace the lipo battery too. Also fun fact, trying to reinstall Win10 on Chuwi Windows/Android tablets will hardbrick the system, because the BIOS chip is mounted as a read/write partition, and doing Windows updates on Win Telcast tablets is similar experience due of Windows Update downloading drivers for the tablet firmware if missing, that also for some god damn reason flashes the bios with the wrong version not for the tablet.
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