• What technologies are you looking forward to in 2019?
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Last time I did a thread like this was in 2011 which was quite fun to look back on and see how far everything had progressed or not. For me it's gonna be AMD's announcements this year and seeing if team red can punch back in the CPU and GPU department. 7nm being the main fab process by the end of the year (10nm for Intel's fab). Seeing all the gimmicks announced at CES.
Hopefully we'll see more cool shit from Boston Dynamics. I'm also excited to see the first iterations of the next SpaceX rocket, which is going to be gigantic.
In the vein of Space, the new capsules (Orion, Dragon 2) are gonna be cool, and I'm looking forward to more Falcon Heavy launches, and well, whatever else comes along. Copenhagen Suborbitals should be testing their new BPM-100 engine - I'm gonna guess it'd be the biggest amateur-built liquid fueled bi-prop by quite a margin. Would also be closest I could get to some proper rocket testing around here lol. With regards to computer technology, I must admit that anything that isn't really on the PC-side doesn't really interest me anymore. So GPUs and CPUs, pretty much - Zen 2 is gonna be exciting, and obviously I'd like AMD to come along with some graphics card that actually makes the market competitive again. With regards to Zen 2, I really hope AMD solved their efficiency woes on the laptop side; they kinda need that "Haswell-moment" where power efficiency jumps 2x on mobile.
I have high hopes for a Q4 release of Navi, and I have high hopes for its success. The RTX 2000 series has set RTG up with a perfect opportunity to make a generation of reasonably priced, conventional raster GPUs. Even if Navi is just another revision of GCN, I think it'll still knock it out of the park just from having a crazy price advantage. It'll probably run hot and hungry, but I think a lot of consumers would be really interested in a Navi GPU equivalent in power to an RTX 2070 if it's around $400, even if it's toasty and has no hardware RT.
I'm curious about Valve's VR headset and Knuckles. Also AMD's next graphics architecture.
Everyone seemed to start getting really nice 4K curved monitors in 2018, hopefully I'll get myself one of those too later this year. But what kind of monitors will come next?
When will 4k 120/144Hz come out?
Already here, just exorbitantly expensive. And it kinda needs NVLinked 2080 Tis to be able to drive that resolution and framerate.
MiniLED monitors.
Phones with foldable screens. Really wonder how sleek they can make them look, because all the prototypes shown so far are pretty chunky.
The comeback of key at phones.
They are, actually! Asus is about to release one. MicroLED monitors, however will take a while.
ZEN 2 and Navi
Cries in 25 years of backwards-compatible Windows software
A Mac Pro that isn't shit, maybe Apple will give some love to developers after phone sales have peaked.
I'm looking forward to AI Technology progressing to the point where lonely people can have an AI Friend with personality and wisdom to talk to when they don't have anyone else n-no, i'm not talking about myself
year of the Suicide Booth, make it happen.
Zen/Vega based Xbox Scarlett and PS5.
In 10 years all desktop apps will be electron anyway
Without BS, bigger SSDs.
intel i10 series
Probably a lot of them, but not all. There are still many developers that hate Electron and I don't think that in itself will change
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