• PC Randomly Freezes and Restarts When Playing Games or Watching Videos.
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As the title says and it's not consistent either. Sometimes it'll restart on its own, sometimes it'll just be a black screen but audio still plays, other times it'll hard freeze and i have to restart the computer several times to get it to boot back up. I thought maybe it was a driver issue but after clean installing my gpu driver the problem still persists. The only other things I can think of are the RAM or PSU. GTX 980ti I7 4770k 8gb RAM 750w Corsair PSU I can't remember the mobo just that it's MSI.
Check windows event viewer after a freeze to see what kind of errors are happening. They might hold a clue. Try to run memtest86, and see if it finds any errors. I'd expect a power loss + reboot if it was a PSU issue, not a freeze like you are describing, so i would think it's something else. I would guess RAM, but i've seen these kinds of things happen with faulty motherboards, GPUs, OS installs... If not: Take your GPU out of the machine. See if crashes still happen if you watch videos or try to play games on integrated graphics Update your motherboard's BIOS and see if it still happens. Try another PSU if you have one available. Try verifying your OS integrity by running "sfc /scannow" and "chkdsk" in an admin cmd window. "chkdsk /f" if you want chkdsk to try to fix things if it finds any issues. Try reinstalling your OS. It's worth a shot before trying to get replacements for your parts, especially if you're not sure which part has problems
I'm gonna go ahead and run my machine til it crashes and I'll see what the errors say if any.
Ever since i posted this thread the issue hasn't popped up once but it's been happening for about a week before then. Stop making me look crazy, PC.
Had the same problem, reset the bios.
I'm also having a similar problem, except there's no freezing. My PC just reboots randomly mid-game when I'm playing something that's a little resource intensive like Advanced Warfare. Weird thing is that I've never had this issue before until I installed my new card a few days ago. My specs: Windows 10 Pro 16G RAM Intel Xeon CPU 750w Corsair PSU EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC Motherboard is an ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2. I did a clean install of all my drivers, I reset the BIOS, I did a thorough cleaning of my case and made sure there wasn't any overheating, but nothing seems to have worked. I'm suspecting it's a power issue but I've been told my Corsair is sufficient enough.
PC hard crashed again, finally. What information should I be looking for in the event viewer?
Cross post I mentioned this in an earlier thread like this one, my GPU was doing something very similar. The PSU had two male connectors on the same cable that lead to the GPU, presumably for SLI or something, but I was only using one of them. When I switched to the other male connector, the GPU stopped acting up.
Seems to be the same issue as me. Check event viewer and see if Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) crashing is causing the display driver freeze up. No solution unfortunately.
That's what my event viewer is saying.
In that case, consensus seems to be that it's a Windows/Nvidia software issue maybe caused by the Windows Fall Update. No official patch exists yet, I'm not even sure msoft acknowledge the issue. Some people have reported success after buying a new higher power PSU - turned out their old PSU wasn't sufficient for the PC. This isn't the case for me as I just happened to upgrade to a new 650W PSU (overkill) from a 600W one I had previously. The 600W one was even overkill. My PC draws 558W under theoretical 100% load. Obviously it's never under absolute 100% load so that number should be even lower. Some people have had success disabling Windows Visual Effects (Search "View Advanced System Settings">Performance>Settings>Adjust for best performance). Didn't work for me. Yet to try what Mart Twoodle said. My PSU PCIE cable also splits into two 6+2pin connectors at the end. I seem to be plugged into the 'main' line (shouldn't make the slightest bit of difference) but I'll plug into the offshoot and report back.
I'm also using both cables from my PSU, though they're the weird 8 pin ones that look like this: https://www.overclock.net/photopost/data/1689621/2/2f/2f4f9ef6_image.jpeg I've alternated between both the end pins and middle pins on both cables, and neither have done me any good.
I tried windows visual effects and I'm already on the latest nvidia drivers. I feel like the latest nvidia drivers are the cause of the problem but I'm gonna try the other solutions when I get off of work.
Slowly making my way through these solutions. Sometimes I'll crash 5 minutes into booting up my computer, sometimes it goes a day or more without issues. In this case Downclocking the GPU worked fine until yesterday morning where I crashed 4 times in a row in a span of 10-15 minutes. Each crash telling me dwm.exe crashed which caused my GPU drivers to shit the bed and freeze up causing my entire screen to freeze. Sound will still play. Downclocking the GPU: Didn't work
Alright I think I narrowed down the suspects. GPU, Mobo, or CPU. I'm not sure how I can test it but I realized one of them is the issue when I froze in the BIOS menu.
im in the same boat as you then after none of those fixes worked. I also thought it was my GPU/CPU/mobo but people online seemed adamant it was a Windows 10/Nvidia clash. If you’ve got a friend with a 900 series GPU see if you can borrow it to test for a day or two. CPU/MOBO are harder to tell. If your cooler is sufficient maybe run a Prime95 test on your CPU and see if it fails. Could also try reset the CMOS.
@Animal Mother I was wondering, could you reupload the images from your Call of Duty: Ghosts model thread? The pics were taken down and they were really good.
I haven't had the crashing issue ever since Nvidia's newest driver came out so I'm guessing it was just a software issue between Windows and Nvidia.
Yeah I had the exact same issue you described and was just going to suggest updating your nvidia drivers if you have them. Glad it helped!
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