• GPU seems to switch off while in game - signal lost to monitors
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Just refitted my PC into a new case and bought a new PSU (Seasonic Focus Plus Gold). For a while before I fitted the new case, I noticed my GPU not clocking up correctly sometimes so I'd get lower FPS unless I manually bumped up the clock. It also did this disconnecting thing a couple of times, but a couple of times pretty few and far between. Since fitting it into the new case with the new PSU, my PC has crashed every single time I've been in game and has also not yet clocked up correctly. granted, only 3 times but before this it probably happened 3 times ever. After the final time it happened a fan somewhere in the case started making a terrible noise (seemed to the one of the GPU fans but couldn't tell) so I totally switched off the PC and opened it up. Mild 'electrical' smell from the PSU but nothing else seems wrong. All power cables in correctly, fitted into PCI properly etc. I'm putting this down to it being a brand new PSU, flux burning off or something. No smoke or anything, and the GPU had done this before anyway with my old PSU. I can't see any other potential issue other than my GPU dying tbh. Any ideas? It's an ASUS STRIX GTX 970. Couple of years old. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1809/d6ecb758-ed9b-4e24-aba0-18162328ff95/image.png
I'd say your GPU is getting tired. It could also be causing problems with your new PSU (instead of the other way around). As for the mild smell coming from your PSU, as long as it wasn't accompanied by smoke, didn't smell abnormal, or persist after, I wouldn't worry.
Yeah I can’t really see any other possibilities. I refitted the card to make sure nothing was loose and the same thing happened. Sucks really, only had it a couple of years. Before that I had a RAEDON HD6970 that lasted like 6 years of heavy use.
I should add, absolutely no temp issues. The card runs up to 70C max under load on a factory overclock. Runs cooler underclocked but issue persists.
wtf this 'appened to me yesterday and I have a GTX 1070
My brother has the exact issue, except he bought a new GPU and it worked a couple of weeks but then it started again.
Similar happened to me, it was the PSU dying.
I thought that initially but it's a brand new PSU and I remember it happening a couple of times with my old PSU too which points to it being the GPU/MOBO.
Had a look through the Event Viewer. The Desktop Window Manager has crashed every time before my display drivers have cut out. Seems to be a Windows 10 issue.
I mentioned this in an earlier thread like this one, my GPU was doing something very similar. The PSU had two male connectors on the same cable that lead to the GPU, presumably for SLI or something, but I was only using one of them. When I switched to the other male connector, the stopped acting up.
Tried all the possible fixes and it’s still happening now with increasing frequency. At a loss tbh. Dont wanna rewire my entire PC to test it with my old PSU but I do have a 1060 I can try to see if it’s my GPU.
yeah DWM crashes because your graphics card disconnects iirc its not even involved in fullscreen exclusive applications
Makes sense. Assumed it was the other way around as DWM crashes before the driver in event viewer. Had no crashes yesterday after I pinned the GPU fan to 50%. The auto fan never let the gpu go higher than 70 which to me is fine but we’ll see how it goes. 50% keeps me around 50~C under load
some more info https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1809/3a62262d-b755-4a00-a77c-69b963f023a5/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1809/e51b7783-0a78-459a-aa0a-08cc901d5e55/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1809/5c1384b7-9ee7-44cd-904a-740999f4c22d/image.png HWMonitor shows all PSU voltages within expected ranges too, cross checked with the BIOS. Must be the GPU. Read online that the VRMs are susceptible to overheating even if the core is comparatively cool with this ASUS card. It's got the silent fan shit where they shut off unless the card hits 50C or so.
https://www.tomshardware.com/news/seasonic-focus-plus-psu-compatibility-issues,38105.html "FOCUS PLUS & ASUS GTX 970 STRIX This combination is leading to users seeing a black screen under load. Current testing showed that using this GPU with the Seasonic Focus Plus produced higher than normal ripple when under load. The vendor said using modified PCIe cables with enhanced shielding resolved the issue." well thats nice.
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