• Config Cannibalization Thread
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Share some bits and pieces of your configs for others that may have similar needs, even if the use cases are limited or they are fairly low effort. It's just a config, "works for me now" == done. Doesn't matter if you made them or not either, but at least note where you got em from for future reference. I'll lead off with this monstrosity, just hedging my bets in case blue light will make me go blind eventually. Since I'm using a weird Firefox fork, I doubt it will work terribly well on anything else, and places I don't frequent much are likely out of date. Doubly so for anything I don't have an account on. You have been warned. Also, expect it to break your existing stuff a lot. [JSON] experimental stylus shit Here's a batch file I've been using for doom2, will even let you start up coop\dm games. A nice example of a low effort launcher I feel, the primary use case is to be able to copy my entire setup to my another windows computer and not have to change anything at all. Have to manually edit in relative paths in the various settings files (source port wad dirs, slade settings). usb doom2.bat Do with em what you will, everything inside that's mine is wtfpl, they are fucking configs... (some of the styleshit isn't, and has been labeled, if that matters to you)
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