• My GTX 760 is not enough. Tempted to upgrade to a RX 580.
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As the title says, my GTX 760 struggles with basically every new game mostly because of its small pool of vram, originally i planned to buy a completely new pc this year, but the prices are really too high. At the same time, there are some really nice offers on the RX 580, and since i've heard that it's a pretty decent gpu i was considering to buy it as a "temporary gpu" until the prices lower or new models that are more worth their value get released. I run a Gigabyte 990XA UD3, AMD FX 8320 (not overclocked), 16 gb ram , 550w PSU. Do you think it's worth it? I know there will be some kind of bottleneck in some games, but overall it should atleast run better than what i've currently got, and in one year or two when the time comes for a new build i'll skip on buying a GPU and just plug this one in.
I'd suggest you just buy a completely new PC. For me it was 1000 euros, I think it will be worth it for another 5 in for the CPU and RAM ( GPU is a upgrade for me due to VR, but you'll be fine )
Yeah I'd recommend you go with the full package too. A new GPU will definitely help, but you might see plenty of bottlenecks. Make sure the PSU is enough to drive the new hardware.
I'm in the same boat. 760 2gb ram. I've also been wanting a 580. For the light gaming I do, GTA, Overwatch, ect. I can't play newer games almost at all. I think a 580 would last me for another 2-3 years and since the price isn't bad I'd say it's worth it.
your ram is good, the cpu eh i'm not sure but yeah you should def get an AMD card with 8gb vram its worth it I kinda stopped caring about new games so I don't really want a new pc right now. Also here's a tip, when I started playing just cause 3 it was running horribly until I moved the windows virtual memory from the HDD to the SSD and then I had no problems. So yeah put the OS and Virtual mem on the ssd and the games on the hdd.
You know, the thing is, i'd like to wait a bit more for a new build, the next gen is right behind the corner, but at the same time there are some notable releases i don't wanna miss this year (Resident Evil 2, Doom Eternal, Rage 2, DMC5, The Division 2) From what i've seen, games with Vulkan run extremely good even with this cpu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud3e5apclJI (the Amd chip is overclocked in this vid, but from what i know you should still be able to get +100 fps on base clock) Games which are more CPU intensive struggle with the bottleneck, such as GTA 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RELC4bXigh8 But granted, even with bottlenecks, these games perform better than with the 760, especially considering they all run at ultra. It says the RX 580 requires a 500-550 watt minimum psu, from what i understand it also has a lower TDP compared to the 760, so I should be safe.
Yeah that's mostly what I was waiting for, 2700x already looks kickass and it was my CPU of choice for the build, till I saw AMD's conference.
You can of course get the RX 580 first, and then upgrade the rest later.
RX 580 is good, did a new build with it recently and it works great. Just start with that, obviously you'll want a new CPU + Mobo as well as that will bottleneck you and like others said wait for the Ryzen 3000. No need to just buy a whole new PC, just upgrade bit by bit.
Yeah, I'm actually really surprised by how well the AMD FX chip performs with newer hardware. It's not as ideal as getting a totally new build but it'll sure make the wait for the new hardware less painful with this GPU.
I bought a 580, and besides some minor software issues with scaling and v-sync, because I have my pc attached to a tv, it is a fucking powerhouse. definitely recommend it .
Might be worth upgrading the system and grabbing a Ryzen 5 2400G, the integrated GPU is good enough to keep ya going until you save up for a decent GPU like the 580 or 590.
Don't forget that AMD is sticking with the same socket for Ryzen 3000, so you could upgrade to a 2700x based build or something right now and grab a Ryzen 3000 CPU later if you so wish.
I recently upgraded from a GTX 660 to the RX 570 4GB. I don't regret the upgrade and you won't regret it either if you get the 580. I'm surprised that despite your cpu having 8 cores it somehow performs worse than my quadcore i5, but it should be good enough for the time being until you get a ryzen or something.
I personally would say don't wait and build everything at once. AMD has cheap yet really good processors. If anything you can save money on RAM and hard drives since those can be upgraded easier.
Also look into the RX 590 to see if that's attractive to you.
I myself used to have an FX-8350 and an RX 480 8GB. I did a similar upgrade to Plaster but I upgraded from a 660 Ti which had died suddenly and to the RX 480. It was excellent for me but my one used to run very loud (I had an MSI ARMOR card) in many of the games I played with it and of course the 580 is quite a bit better. For sure it was a great upgrade though I felt the FX-8350 was a bottleneck in some of the older games which didn't rely on the GPU as much for better performance. I myself made the move to a Ryzen PC in September 2017 with the Ryzen 7 1700 and that again actually made much better use of my RX 480 than the FX-8350 did. In this instance, if you really need a new card I'd get the RX 580 8GB since there's not much point in getting the 4GB version because with 8GB you'll have plenty of VRAM for your games and the likely scenario is you'll have quite a bit left over in the meantime. Otherwise I'd save up for a better PC and maybe buy the RX 580 then or even another better card if one does arise. For me as I said I had to buy the RX 480 because my 660 Ti died so I didn't have much choice but I've since upgraded to a GTX 1080.
Thanks for all your comments, I've ended up getting a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 with the free games promotion (Resident Evil 2 and The Division 2). When we'll have more news about the new Ryzen models i'll build a new pc, for now, i guess this'll do just fine. Yeah it's the 8gb version. I'd never consider a card with less vram. At first I was considering spending a bit more to get the RTX 2060, but for that price having only 6gb vram is a deal breaker. Some games are really demanding and usually already reach 5.5-6gb on high-ultra settings. I've ended up choosing one of these AMD because it's a card that does its job fine for both my current pc and my future pc, and when the time comes i'll simply upgrade with a new card (hopefully the prices for the more high end cards will be lower by then.)
I would highly recommend this in the near future, but you could pick up an RX 580 8GB in the meantime. It's a reasonable step up from the 760.
https://i.imgur.com/U2I9mLO.jpg There we go! I love the slick design, gonna try it out soon.
I've installed it. Installation was actually just a tiny bit scary because my case isn't really big, so i didn't have a lot of room for placing the gpu (Not to mention that i'm a newbie at changing pc components). But still, everything went fine and it's amazing. Doom 2016 runs at 100-144 fps Ultra settings, Vermintide 2 at 100-60 fps depending on how many enemies there are onscreen, Hunt: Showdown runs at 60-40 fps with mixed low/medium settings (Cpu bottlenecks here), but even at low framerates i don't get annoying sound stutters and stuff like that. Really satisfied so far, and even if it's bigger the airflow got sorta better, my cpu runs at 5 degrees lower, so i guess it's either how i've put the cables, or the gpu which makes less heat.
Glad that you enjoy your card, but I feel like you should have waited a litte, RTX 2060 just released and it's at 350$, which is pretty good (to me) https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/shop/geforce/?page=1&limit=9&locale=en-us&gpu=RTX%202060
Quick update for anyone who's considering this graphic card on an older build, I recorded a short video of RE2 Remake with AMD Relive so you can see how the GPU performs on bottlenecked hardware. (First boss spoilers) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lw66njT4o4 There's no fps counter because I didn't expect to upload it, but still it's silky smooth 60 fps. This boss room has plenty of particles and that dragged the performance down to 60 fps due to CPU bottlenecks, but the game mostly runs at 70-80 fps and in some cases even +100 at high-max settings. The only settings that are on medium are particles and volumetric lighting because they are mostly CPU heavy. It's as you said, a powerhouse and I really recommend it to anyone who wants an easy upgrade.
Thats awesome man. As a 760 owner im probably going to upgrade to that card in April. Congrats.
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