• Unable to upgrade Nvidia GPU drivers past a certain version
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I have a GTX 750 Ti, everytime I try to upgrade past the 391.35 drivers, my computer doesn't recognize the gpu anymore after I restart the computer, and I get error 43 in the device manager, when I restart the computer it just loads with the integrated graphics card from my PC and loads obviously in a small resolution. I have tried the DDU but still it doesn't work, 391.35 is the latest version that makes my gpu work, upgrading past that version, my PC won't recognize it anymore. I checked when upgrading and the card's fan still work so it is not dead. Any help would be appreciated.
What's your OS and which later drivers beyond 391.35 have you tried so far? Seems such an odd issue but try and see if you can disable your integrated graphics in BIOS and then install a newer driver again. Might be worth a shot too to test your GPU with a newer driver version using either another DP or HDMI cable.
Windows 10 Pro I have tried 417.01, 417.35 and another version between the 391 and 417, I can't remember the version I'll try both of those suggestions, though, disabling the integrated graphics won't make the PC just turn with no display?
I've had this issue twice before The way I solved it was like this I think: Uninstall the graphics driver fully Reboot Fresh install of the new one Instead of upgrading from the previous driver.
Didn't work, gpu works fine when uninstalling all drivers, but then when upgrading to the latest driver, I just get the error 43 on device manager
I had a look around trying to find people with a similar issue, and I got that people had a software called Lucid VIRTU MVP, which is a software that helps your dedicated GPU by using your integrated GPU together. People uninstalled that to make their GPUs work with later drivers. Not sure if it's something that came pre-packaged with certain drivers but might be worth checking out if it's in your system. Also might be worth a shot, check what Windows Update picks up and downloads after a fresh driver uninstall.
I don't have anything by that name installed on my computer, and downloading latest drivers through Windows Update just throws Error 43 at the end of the installation
Bummer, out of ideas myself There's a new NVIDIA driver that just came out yesterday. Probably might pop up with the same error but hopefully it may work. One last suggestion too at least is to try uninstalling the driver through Device Manager, then do scan for hardware changes on the context menu, then install the latest drivers after that.
Nothing worked, guess I'm just gonna stay in this driver version forever, thanks for the help!
Well there's always the nuclear option left, you could reformat your computer.
Use DDU my boi, I had an update leave my pc in black screen before as well, then haven't had any problems since.
They did, read the OP
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