• Detailed and easy to follow guide for bios flashing
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I need to flash the bios on my thinkpad x230 and i have a rasberry pi and the SOIC clip and all the wires and all that, but I'm finding a lot of tutorials that kind of assume you know what you're doing and expect you to fill in some gaps. I'm not too familiar with all this stuff but it won't be too hard for me to figure it out eventually, does anyone have a good guide to follow?
Question, why would you need a RasberryPi and SOIC chip to update your laptops BIOS? I'm confused because Lenovo has a BIOS Update Utility. https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/ca/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-x230/downloads/ds029187
i need to get rid of the wwan whitelist and it's not possible without fucking w/ the hardware. no doubt i'd rather use an unmodified bios through official channels but it doesn't serve my purposes as of now, and i'm kind of disappointed they would make modifying this machine so difficult.
So from what I've googled you wanna use an aftermarket wireless card in your laptop but it's blocked by the BIOS, correct?
yeah, my x220 allowed me to flash it with a usb drive, but it looks like hte only way to achieve this w/ the x230 is to reprogram the chip with the raspi or something similar. just attaching the wireless card won't work until that's taken care of.
You are probably better off with a flashcat, its a bit more foolproof. Either way, check out the datasheet on your bios chip and make note of the pin functions. If nothing clicks, then give up and ask somebody else to do it. It's for your own good, this isn't the place to learn about making a ghetto SPI programmer work. IF you wanted to learn that, start with talking to a Playstation 1/2 controller. (Its SPI enough) Some people want to flash a BIOS the right way with the worst tools to do so idk.
This is what I looked at when I played around with coreboot on my X220: https://tylercipriani.com/blog/2016/11/13/coreboot-on-the-thinkpad-x220-with-a-raspberry-pi/ You can skip over the coreboot stuff since you have your BIOS file prepped to go, and both laptops use the same generic 8-pin SOIC Flash for BIOS storage, so that's not a problem.
i will try that the laptop was $100 and maybe around 7 years old at this point, i know $100 isn't nothing but i won't see it as too big of a loss if i fuck something up beyond repair.
It works!!!!!!!!!! I'm posting this from my hackintoshed x230 over wifi and it's perfect. I was going to document the process but I was too nervous about fucking something up. What are the benefits of something like a flashcat over a raspi? I bought the raspi because I figured I could do something else with it later, but now I want to learn more about what I just did and maybe do some other things.
Flashcat would be a more reliable and faster. Either way it doesn't matter if it worked.
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