• Monitor goes pitch black when booting up in safe mode.
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The title's basically my issue. Whenever I boot my PC in safe mode, my monitor enters power saving mode and goes pitch black. And when I say pitch black, I mean the monitor itself is "off", and I put off in quotes because despite the power light being on the display itself isn't active nor is it displaying anything. I've been trying to get into safe mode so I can remove/fix some driver issues I'm having I mentioned in another thread, but I can't do anything since I can't see a god damn thing. As for what OS I'm running, it's Windows 10 and it's updated to the latest version.
Have you tried connecting your monitor to the onboard VGA/DVI/HDMI port on your motherboard? My guess is that because safemode only loads the essential drivers to your PC, it doesn't recognize your GPU anymore and switches to the onboard GPU. This normally shouldn't happen though because every GPU should be controllable by the basic windows drivers during safemode, though at a low resolution of course.
Sorry for the late reply, but yeah it's connected to an HDMI port on my GPU. I made sure it wasn't hanging loose or anything either.
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