• Is there a low-latency solution for video output on an Android?
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The model is a Pixel 3 XL. I'm wondering if there's a way to output video from my phone to a TV (either wired or wireless) so that I could possibly play games on it with a controller. AFAIK newer Androids aren't capable of outputting HDMI via the USB-C port, and outputting to a 1st-gen Chromecast produces an unacceptable amount of latency for playing games. I'm not sure if it's any better on newer versions of it. Are there any solutions that don't introduce crazy amounts of lag?
It's a pricey solution, but active USB HDMI adapters exist. They require their own power, though, and check for compatibility with your specific phone.
Have you tried Parsec? I've not personally tested it on Android, but you might wanna check it out
It apparently only works for streaming a PC to your phone, not the other way around. But an interesting suggestion nonetheless. I didn't even know Parsec had an android version.
Oh I misunderstood your request, whoops
I think the only option of getting video out of pixel without pc is chromecast. So you're basically SOL. If you want to involve PC you can try any remote control solution like teamviewer but I have no idea how well it works with games. There's also rumors that Android Q will get desktop mode so they might introduce usb -> hdmi adapter support on your phone when it'll be released.
They can't just introduce it like that, it's not supported in hardware for the Pixel 3 XL sadly. Unfortunately, smartphones with DP out over USB-C are a rarity. @octopod What you can do is get a USB-OTG adapter for your phone and a DisplayLink adapter, as DisplayLink has a working Android app. But it's kind of pricey in the end and definitely jank.
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