• Setting up PPTP on OPNsense
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Need help with it actually, does anyone know how to properly set it up on opnsense? Screenshots attached of my settings: https://imgur.com/a/bjPMaAe
Any particular reason you want to use PPTP? Its very old and considered insecure. I would advise going with more modern protocols, like L2TP or OpenVPN if possible. They are far superior choices and it looks like your hardware can handle them.
Well I've actually gone with OpenVPN and scrapped OPNsense after getting a speed upgrade from my ISP and it throttling my overall connection to 300mbps so I switched to PfSense since and have successfully gotten an OpenVPN server established. Now I'm having issues where I'm able to connect to the VPN Server and renew an IP, however I am not getting any WWW/LAN access or to any other network resources.
Yeah those just sound like OpenVPN config issues. There is a bit of a learning curve unfortunately. I had some problems like that as well when I first set it up. Make sure the server config AND client config have matching options.
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