• Bypassing a iPhone 7 lockcode
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**Not looking for answers that involve "Just wipe it"** Well, standard spiel...Dad has a bunch of important stuff on his iPhone he stopped using months ago and of course, never backed up. What do? Any and all solutions welcome, even pay for ones. Rather not take it anywhere tho
You might be sol, Apple has put in a lot of security updates. Pretty sure encryption is one of them. It'll be really hard to get into it. If you can figure out what version of IOS he's running, that'll help a lot. If he didn't do backups there's a pretty good chance he didn't update it often. I recall there being a bypass by asking siri to open twitter or something.
I'm thinking this is what happened. https://appletoolbox.com/2016/10/iphone-passcode-required-ios-update-fix/ When he stopped using it a few months back he threw it into his drawer and forgot about it. I've tried "123456" and "000000" so I'm not sure where to go from here
Well, if the data is very important to him you can always buy a GrayKey iphone cracker.
You can try contacting apple support. But you'll need to have store receipt and any other documents which can confirm that you are the actual owner of the phone.
This. You will not get help unless you have the original receipt with the serial number of the phone on it.
Looks like Apple killed it
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