• Mic crackling during 4K YouTube videos (high GPU usage) in Chrome
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I'm having an odd issue. My mic started crackling during certain loads. So far I could nail it down specifically to Chrome and playing YouTube videos in 4K which increases the GPU load. Putting it back to 1080p reduces the crackling to a point where its probably still there but no real issue. https://streamable.com/6xepx The thing is that it apparently only really happens in Chrome, if I use other programs, like Blender3D and render with GPU (100% GPU 3D usage) I do not get the same issue. Chrome is on the latest version. I remember that I had the same issue some year or two ago but back then I remember it was somehow my own fault for changing some settings. This time I didn't actually change anything or did something as far as I remember. Already tried to change audio device Hz or bit, restart or different USB port makes no difference. Must be some software issue. Audio device is a USB sound card, would love to get a Soundblaster Z soundcard again, I had one but due to financial problems I had to sell that. I rather not use my on-board sound card.
As I wrote its a USB sound card. PC itself has no wifi card. I'm also fairly certain its not interference but some software issue as this is quite specific to GPU usage from chrome on YT videos and not by any other GPU usage in other programs.
So far I could nail it down specifically to Chrome and playing YouTube videos in 4K which increases the GPU load. Are you sure about that? Chrome defaults to VP9, which is not hardware accelerated by aged hardware, and not even on compatible hardware without software support, which Chrome lacked last time I chcked (admiteddly a long time ago).
Well its really simple to check. Chrome, Hardware acceleration on, YT 4K video paused: https://i.imgur.com/d44sy3C.png Video playing: https://i.imgur.com/9Lh9iNa.png Chrome, hardware acceleration off, video playing: https://i.imgur.com/xSSu2ip.png In testing this just now, while writing this post, I noticed that it likely isn't the GPU, I got the same crackling without hardware acceleration. CPU really isn't close to being on its knees though, even with harware acceleration turned off the 4K video play fine without stuttering. Even 4k 60fps runs smoothly without chrome using any hardware acceleration: https://i.imgur.com/64BDYfL.png Although the crackling does get a little more intense. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113377/ad0bbecf-c477-4469-a4c6-ca755628aa0d/01 (03).mp4 In even more testing it seems like Chrome loves to make the noise the most, even with lower CPU usage. Although in testing just now I noticed that other apps can cause the same. Blender3D at near 100% only causes periodic popping though (CPU rendering here, not sure why it still uses 20-30% as well). https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/113377/dffbd8d1-f01c-460e-b17b-7c52ea653065/01 (05).mp4 I still dont see why this would suddenly be a problem, or why even with more CPU usage it would be less of an issue compared to Chrome going nuts at 20% or 60% CPU usage. I can't pinpoint when it started happening, might have been going on for a while but since nothing really makes the noise, besides 4k chrome video I might have just not noticed it. The small popping Blender makes is a lot quieter and usually doesn't trigger the voice activation. (Its just set lower in the videos to make them audible without having to record mic extra.) Changing it to another USB port doesn't seem to change much. (Different) 2.0 port or 3.0 port. Really weird, sadly, as I said I can't really afford a different sound card at the moment. Not sure if there is any solution or if its some quirk with this USB sound card.
Without testing, that would probably be a valid workaround, although I do like the handy mute button on the USB Soundcard, so I rather keep that as a last choice.
Can you replicate this on software outside of Teamspeak3? Audactity (or Adobe Audition if you have it) are decent utilities for this I have a similiar situation with my microphone that's due to the Interface I and others use, where on teamspeak, using Windows Audio Session API, the microphone gets a crackling effect after an extended period. TS3 developers say this may be down to the microphone not receiving enough power. Using Direct Audio (Direct X based) mitigates this issue, where instead of a crackle, your audio input just gets delayed... Fucked because it's a driver issue, as we're able to replicate it on other software were we can choose the audio API and get the same results.
Can you reproduce this with a prime95 / CPU-only stress test?
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