• HDD not detected by BIOS, still able to turn on and spin/run
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A couple of days ago, my 2 year old WD Blue 3TB HDD suddenly stopped working. There were no signs of degradation beforehand, and the last time I checked its health with CrystalDiskInfo a few days before it stopped working, which shown it was still healthy and running smoothly. No corrupt files, slow transfer rates or anything too. It suddenly just couldn't boot up with Windows anymore, and can't be detected by BIOS. I tried Seatools for DOS to get into it but it also hasn't been able to check and see it either. The HDD itself still runs feeling it from the vibrations, and I can still hear it spin with no clicks or other odd noises that usually indicates a failing drive. I did some research and some signs point out to a dead drive controller but I'm not too experienced with these kind of issues. I regret not having a backup for most of the important files there, but I really would like to recover them because they contain a lot of family photos. I'm currently in a tough financial situation so I'm hoping there's a quick solution that will allow me to quickly back things up and access them still before resorting to actual data recovery services. Appreciate any assistance. Thanks. Error message when trying to boot up with Seatools while the HDD with the issue is plugged in. https://files.catbox.moe/hfdvea.JPG And this is when AHCI mode is used https://files.catbox.moe/dnc69n.JPG
Changed sata cable and port?
Sorry forgot to mention that too. Yeah different ports and cables also didn't output any results. Tried it on a different PC as well.
Assuming the controller for the HDD is cooked then. Do you think you could source a replacement? You need the exact model and firmware and batch date. If you can. You can fix it for a little while but be under the assumption that it will die again. The other unfortunate demise is that it suffered sone physical damage during start or last shut down,andilst it may spin it probably won't ever clear initialization. You've done basically everything. You could attempt the controller replacement or maybe warranty it. WD are good with it.
Definitely sounds like a problem on the HDD side, given what you already tried. The only thing I can think of is a dead controller. Get the controller replaced and you should be good, so you will need to get somebody (manufacturer?) to repair that part. Sorry that there is not an easier option.
Thanks. If controller replacement or whatever else will hopefully keep most (if not all) files intact then I'm willing to go through that. I'm just afraid whichever solution would be the most expensive or feasible. I consulted a data recovery center before and the pricing is a bit steep. The store warranty where I bought it already expired but I need to check and see where I can directly get in contact with WD themselves here and hopefully get it looked at and hopefully possible to keep the data intact as much as they can.
Before jumping to replacing parts, there are bootable tools that will be able to access a drive that isn't seen by BIOS HDDsuperclone is one of them. You will need a good drive that is the same size or larger though.
Oh welp, guess I might need to still rely on a data recovery service first. What Happens to the Data on the Drive Sent in for an RMA and can.. Customer confidentiality is a priority to Western Digital. When a drive is received at our facility, it is put through a rigorous testing process for analysis. During this process, all data on the drive is completely erased, and therefore irrecoverable. If data recovery is desired, it must be performed before returning the drive to WD. Once we receive the drive, all data is completely erased and irrecoverable. Western Digital will stand behind the warranty that is supplied with the defective hard drive. If the drive is still within its warranty period, the drive can be replaced through our RMA Process detailed in Answer ID 8: How to Get an RMA to Replace a Defective Product, Obtain a Power Supply, or USB Cable for a WD Product. Still appreciate the answers, at least I can try to RMA it with them after hopefully we're able to recover the data first with the recovery service.
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