• Router is Disconnecting From the Internet Sporadically (Timing Issue?)
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Hey all. We just got a new Spectrum router that worked well for a few days. It was a step up from our old router in terms of range and was running just fine. However, now I can't seem to play games that use P2P connections, and it's as if I get disconnected after a certain amount of time. Here's a couple of real-world examples: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will allows me to play for a while with completely stable internet until it just decides to boot me out with "A communication error has occurred", but I become free to try connecting online again as if nothing happened. Fightcade will let me play for a while (If I rush I can get at least one round in of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike) with someone until a freeze, which I can only assume is the same error situation as Smash Our TV apps will sometimes stop streaming stuff correctly Occasionally my Google Pixel will show a "connected to Wi-Fi but no internet" symbol I can browse the web just fine but I'll occasionally get a "no internet" page until I refresh My router log just shows these repeating messages over and over. https://i.imgur.com/bHsjWg2.png Stuff I'd like to note since I think it might matter (or not): Router Model: RAC2V1K Modem Model: E31U2V1 I can't change my DNS, Spectrum sets it back to theirs when I hit apply in the router settings Error happens on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz band
Call up Spectrum. It is their equipment and you are renting it from them. Have them fix their firmware/hardware. You more than likely will not be able to anyways.
We'll try and get it resolved through them tomorrow, but I wanted to check if a fix was simpler than I thought. This will probably have to happen.
This is what you are paying them for.
sounds like the router's DHCP server stops leasing IPs for some reason. i'd dump the spectrum equipment and get your own hardware tbh
Any good modem + router combos that you'd recommend? I hate that this also takes up two slots on our power strip.
Spectrum in my area usually has good modems mostly because they are standalones. Never go for the Modem router wifi combo if you can help it. My setup consists of the following Router: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YFJT29C Access Point: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015PR20GY/
Does Spectrum let you save on rental fees if you just give them back the router but not the modem? If it's just the router's problem like Soleedus says I'd like to swap that out but buying a good modem on top of that might be too big of a one-time payment on my end right now.
They wont charge rental fees if you do not have their equipment. Why the fuck are you recommending a PoE injector/switch with a Ubiquity AP? That is fucking overkill and pointless if it is just going to sit on a shelf. You also failed to realize the AP comes with its own injector. You are bringing a squirt gun to a dumpster fire. @AkujiTheSniper You are more than likely using a modem from Spectrum, if you are trying to dump their equipment, refer to this page. There are some combo units, but might be as restrictive as what you have right now. The best option is to get a basic (read: modem only) DOCSIS 3.0 modem then, depending on what devices you have that connect to the internet, choose a wireless router. If you are still worried about the whole too many power plugs thing, let me introduce you to this: https://www.amazon.com/ClearMax-Prong-Splitter-Cable-Extension/dp/B01GSH6SSQ/ I am sure there are one packs somewhere on amazon, I didn't look past the first page.
Little bit of an exaggeration there eh? I made a recommendation of my setup because it's enterprise grade at a pretty decent price point. This has been running in my home for 3 years with the only hitch being a PoE issue. If he doesn't want it he's more than welcome not to take my recommendation.
Alright thanks guys, I got everything I needed. You helped a lot.
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