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Been looking to upgrade my R9 390 with something new and keep it as a backup but I keep finding information and reviews regarding to the RTX series of cards having a high failure rate. I was originally thinking about going with an RTX 2070 but seeing all the talk about people having cards failing left and right is leaving me a bit hesitant. I don't want to have to be in customer service and RMA hell more than I would be gaming. I then started to look at the cheaper option that would actually fit my budget a little better, the RTX 2060. Does anyone here actually have the RTX 2060 and can comment on it? I haven't seen anything about the failure rate on these cards but they're also newer and haven't been out very long. I'm trying to look at all the different versions and I might just end up going with the founders edition. Any advice?
I've just been seeing lots of recent reviews on amazon saying their 2070 only lasted a week up to a month. I know any graphics card is prone to failure but I'd just been seeing an overwhelmingly large amount of failed card reviews so that was what was concerning me so much. The Gigabyte GeForce RTX™ 2070 WINDFORCE 8G was the card I was thinking about getting originally. https://www.amazon.com/GIGABYTE-WINDFORCE-8G-GGDR6-DisplayPort-GV-N2070WF3-8GC/dp/B07JBTS8HR
Honestly, I just think people were upset / angry that Nvidia released such expensive cards with a features you hardly can use that people just started amplifying the cards failure reports to the point it looked like it was happening all the time
People with a working card are less likely to write a review since everything is just working as expected, you only ever hear about the ones that broke - see also every new console launch and the "dead xbox/ps4/switch" video compilations and articles days later. Just make sure you're buying from a place with a good return policy and you'll be fine. The Windforce coolers are great BTW, probably the best of all the stock PCB ones, mine never even reaches 70°C under full load and it's not particularly loud either
I was thinking that may have had some play into it as well since it does have an oddly cheap price for a 2070.
Gigabyte cards are just as good as any other card in terms of its hardware. Gigabyte software on the other hand is some of the worst you can get. Sometimes people overclock it and break it and try to return it claiming it died on them. Poor reviews also typically outweigh positive reviews because most positive experiences won't get posted. I'd say look at EVGA, MSI, or Gigabyte and pick one you think is the best deal. Consider software and price. I've been on a Gigabyte 2080 since it launched and have had no issues, aside from some minor software ones.
Oh yeah don't use the Gigabyte software, if you want to overclock it or mess with the fan speeds just use MSI Afterburner
Ah, gotcha. I didn't even think about the possibility that they may have fried their own cards. I don't dabble too much in overclocking anyway so I'd probably be fine. I've had EVGA and MSI cards before and I think they're pretty good quality. The R9 390 I have is an MSI card and it's been rock solid. I think I might just go with a 2060 since it would be nice to save the $100-150 and spend it upgrading something else for my PC. How good are the founders editions from NVIDIA anyway? I might go with one but I'll check out the other ones as well to see what fits me best.
They have the same exact PCB so they perform the same as third party ones (or worse if you compare them to already factory overclocked ones), and they have much smaller, 2-slot coolers which means they run hotter and louder. I guess they look nicer but that's about it, I wouldn't ever get one myself
I will admit, it does look nice but that wouldn't be the reason I get it. It's just the price was a little more appealing haha. But I think I'll shell out the extra $20/$30 and go with the EVGA one. It looks like it'll do. Looks like amazon has some weird back order on them. "Usually ships within 2 to 4 weeks." I'll just go to newegg, it's the same price and won't take a month to get here haha. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/240377/f0e54857-cef5-4a5f-bd7e-1d785b15aec6/image.png
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