• Horizontal line of pixels lighter than the rest
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So I bought a ViewSonic XG2401 about 2 years ago. Getting it was a big hassle as the monitors kept coming in with one issue or another. I finally settled on one that has some grey "scan lines" in the bottom left corner. However today I noticed a line of pixels on the top part of the screen that are lighter than the rest I don't really know what could be causing this, they don't seem dead as they change colour, and it seems unlikely (though I am no expert on LCD design) for a whole line to "die" like this My GPU is a Vega 64 and I just updated to the latest drivers (19.2.1). I have also tried restarting the computer and power cycling the monitor, as well as trying a different port on the GPU. I am using a DP cable. I don't have another one handy (nor an HDMI) so I can't test with a different cable at the moment, but will try ASAP. Bar that, I was hoping you guys had some ideas of what is happening.
thats burn in i have a line like that on my monitor where the bottom of my browser window normally is
Would help to see a picture of it.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132547/3d36999d-e2e3-4320-98df-9956dd3a1e3b/IMG_20190205_161243.jpg I hope it's visible, you can sort of see it, it's easier to see in person. I doubt it's burn in as I've only actively used the monitor for about a year, and on top of this the line doesn't correspond to any application border that I use on a daily basis.
I don't think its burn in, TN panel shouldn't get it anyways. If any it should be temporary at best. You can try the usual methods to fight stuck pixels, just google for that you and you find tools which randomly display colors, just keep that on for half an hour or so. Alternatively, what helps in temporary "burn in" is to have a pure white screen on for 1-2hours. Although I think you might be out of luck. Seems more like a defective row of pixels, probably a panel defect, especially since you said you went through multiple of the same model before in the beginning.
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