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Dunno if this will be of any use to anyone, but here goes. I am a printer engineer by trade, with a 5+ year experience of working with various brands (both large office printers and smaller ones for home use) and printing programs. This thread is for those that are experiencing trouble with their printers (miscolorations, paper getting stuck, persistent error messages etc) or have any questions about brands and which one is the best on the market spoiler: they are all shit, and designed to be shit and break down. My expertise lies mainly in hardware and printer program settings, not so much troubleshooting networking issues and image manipulation, although I have some experience in those areas as well. I hope this thread can be of use to somebody!
Brother printers are good. I recommend Brother laser printers.
I don't really know what stars aligned to cause this thread to be created at the exact moment that our Lexmark 720 started having problems in the office, but anyway, our Lexmark 720 is creating huge deep creases in the printed papers. It happens on about every fifth page. We are trying to print some mailers and this is ruining expensive paper.
For our company, we switched an old HP laser printer (~15 years old) and an HP A3 inkjet printer (~9 years old) for a Brother MFC-J6945DW, a multifunction A3 inkjet. A local company does managed print services and I calculated that using MPS (sign contract for n years, gets you a new printer, x black and y color pages per month, anything over is charged extra per printed page) we're at the exact same yearly costs as buying fake print cartridges for the 2 old HP printers. Except now we're getting genuine Brother ink so there's none of those "what if the cartridge is just shit and jams half full" worries. Not just that, but I'm super happy with the printer. I have some minor gripes about it (no OCR when saving to network folder?) but nothing really notable.
Got a Brother printer for my home office and it's hands down the best printer I've owned, well except for the ink costs. Fucking ~$100 a cartridge. Last company I worked for, I also serviced printers, sold our clients Kyocera's and they were trash imo. They wore out quickly had some fucking ridiculous design flaws. The color printers in particular were utter garbage and I hated them with every fiber of my being. Luckily, I suppose, the company switched to selling HP's which seemed to be more reliable. I worked mainly with the Kyocera FS-4000dn, FS-4100dn, p6021cdn, and p7035cdn. We also had older legacy printers still in use at one time because we didn't require our client to upgrade, no joke I had one business that was still rocking an ancient Lexmark serial printer.
I second that. Although I do not print very often, been using this little guy for when I do https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41X2KXQFRHL.jpg for about 10 years and still works perfectly fine. Is monochrome, but that is usually fine since I can go to the convenience store to print color when absolutely necessary, which is unusual. I use it so little now that I have not changed the toner in probably more than 4 years though. We have a newer Brother inkjet at home and it is great too. Decently fast and good quality. I also had a HP inkjet but the print quality was shit and had some other problems as well.
Been using the Brother HLL2395DW, it's pretty nice but scanning papers often misses a bit on the edges.
I got a brother(?) laser printer and it looks like it emits smoke whenever I print stuff, I don't know if I should still use it or just get a new printer. If it helps, I salvaged it from the trash so anything could have happened to it. ----- Also, my art school purchased RGB printers, and I've never really heard of thoe before or understand how it works. Basically when we create a document in photoshop or illustrator or whatever we're supposed to set the color mode to RGB instead of CMYK and I was wondering if you knew what's up w/ that. It makes it kind of annoying to get colors that are close to accurate when I work on stuff.
Dude, RGB printers are some high-grade stuff. They're for when you want you printouts to look the very best. RGB has better color production and accuracy because CMYK has a much more limited color range.
BROTHER BROTHER BROTHER BROTHER I like brother printers. Every other printer can die as far as I care. Except Xeroxes. Those are fantastic.
That's really nice to hear actually, I guess I just have to learn more about it because I made a lot of mistakes due to forgetfulness.
when i was a teenage tech employee at Staples, i got yelled at for pushing all of my customers to buy brother printers and told them that HP/Epson/Canon are shit never had a customer return a brother laser printer :^)
Not surprising, Brothers are generally cheaper so they make less money when you sell a Brother over one of those other brands. I had a Xerox and it was the fuckin pits. Slow as hell both when printing and processing a print job plus the wireless card in it was only a bloody 801.11b so it was even SLOWER over wireless. Then the print quality went all to shit after a couple months and I got a Samsung which would have been good had it also not developed print quality issues after a few months. And even after replacing all the toner, the imaging drum, and the fuser it still didn't fix the issue so I smashed it to pieces.
Agreed! They are fantastic machines. The only negative I can think of is that it is hard to get a all-included service contract for it (because they are so cheap resellers do not get much commission for selling one, this comes up further up in the tread) so toner is pretty expensive. Oh hey I don´t even have to do the job I created this thread for <3 Also, hello fellow printer expert! If I remember this model also have a optional duplex unit. That could potentionally also cause problems if the feeder is worn. If you can get genuine ink that is always the better option. I always reccommend larger offices to get a machine with a good service contract rather than buying a machine wholesale. Does this model have both a document feeder and a scan glas or just one of them? If so, is it the same problem from both? Is the missing edges like a white "frame" along the picture. Do you scan directly to your mail or a network folder? That...definately does not sound good. Could be the fuser getting to hot, could be something in the ventilation getting blocked. Could also be the paper being old/damp. Either case sounds like a fire hazard. Xeroxes are pretty fantastic office machines, the only real problem is that they are really picky when it comes to settings when doing more complicated jobs such as folders and stuff. They also have a pretty interesting line of wax printers it is just a shame that they gobble electricity, doesn´t actually work (wax gets stuck) and the line will be discontinued 2020 You won the moral victory my dude. Smashing stuff should be reserved for epsons (video is in swedish but I think the message comes through). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn6KTMiwRtY I had never expected so many responses to this thread. It is really great rewding people's responses and experiences with printers. Cheers everybody!
It has a document feeder but I think that's just for the special papers printing, and I just use the scan glass.
Wouldn't call myself an expert since I've only worked on very specific printers but the knowledge can generally be used for all printers since they all function relatively the same more or less. Your printer only has a flatbed scanner, it doesn't have an ADF(Automatic Document Feeder). What are printers scanning settings set to in the Brother printer software on your PC?
It may also be worthwhile to discuss customer support for the different brands. Here are the ones I know of: Xerox Pretty good. Expertise of handler may fluctate a bit because of high turnover rate. Personel get continous training to stay up to date on common issues. Strictly do not allow people without contracts to call in but handler is often flexible on this. Concessionaires are allowed to have their own service teams which often brings faster service. Phone only, mail with certain contracts. Epson Terrible. People without contract cannot call in. Concessionaires cannot call in, even when at the machine. Serial number needed to access manuals online (!?). Large amount of bureaucracy and very expensive service if parts are needed. Phone only. Brother Very good. Allowed to call in without contract. Service team can be contacted both using phone or mail.
What do you guys think of Dell laser printers? I have a 2130CDN that i think needs a new drum unit (black is faded even with a replacement toner cart).
Faded print can be caused by a few things. In my experience it can be: Broken toner cart, broken developer unit, broken drum unit, broken or faulty toner dispersal gears or motor, and/or a couple other things. For your printer you have to buy a whole unit which replaces ALL the drums. https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Imaging-Drum-Print-Device/dp/B003Y7C3L0
Can confirm that Brother printers are great. Around 7 years ago before I went off to Uni, I dug a well-loved Brother HL-5240 out of the local recycling center. It was working just fine and just needed a new maintenance cartridge and toner. (Btw, I recommend SuperMediaStore for relatively cheaper toner & ink cartridges and misc. other replacement parts for printers. Paid $25 for the toner cartidge for my printer there compared to fucking $75 at Staples, etc). Seven years later now, its still running strong for basic monochrome prints. Its a no-frills machine and I got my old Raspberry Pi 1 setup with it as a LAN print server no problem.
In my experience it is very seldom the toner cartridge itself that is the cause of faded prints (of course it is certainly possible) so replacing the toner is often a waste of money (if you buy them). If you could scan in/take a photo of how the defect looks that would help a lot with troubleshooting. I kinda suspect it may be the drum kit but I want to make sure since just as chunkeymonkey ststes you have to buy a kit to replace them all at once and that can be expensive.
Never underestimate a clients ability to break something so easy to use and not realize it. Kyocera makes crappy toner carts, which is what I'm basing my experience off of. If the gear or whatever else inside the toner somehow breaks then the toner wont deliver toner to the printer and the image will get fainter and fainter until the developer runs out of toner. Although generally when a toner fails it either A) explodes or leaks all over the place or B) the mechanics on it jam and cause clicking and/or grinding noises There are some seriously shit toner designs that just make me scratch my head. Yeah, it's either the drums or the developers methinks but I dunno if the developers are a separate part or if they're built into the toner carts. If your printer has the ability to print off a color test page and/or test page that'd also be useful for us to get as high quality of a scan of it as possible. It'll let us know if you may need more parts.
I'll have to dig it out of storage. All the rest of the colours seem consistent but it's been a while since i last tried it.
So I got some epson or HP or something inkjet AIO from work for free. It's not half bad, print quality is good but the heads are naff and the DRM on the ink is making my prints kinda wonky, but the thing to note is that the printer has Facebook and a Dreamworks app on it. My printer has a Shrek app. Help.
What does it do?
I’m afraid to open it
Slightly off the topic of printers, is there any advice for shopping for scanners?
Depends on what you want out of it. Personally I don't have room for a separate scanner so I went with a multifunction printer.
Here's the test page, i accidentally the scan a bit though. The coloured horizontal lines are a new thing since getting it out from storage. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110884/f4898f79-a359-4493-9c6d-d7050ff1eb1f/0518.jpg
Yup, as I suspected. Your black developer has an issue, it's got a faint section that runs down the entire page. You can see that best in the picture of the printer on your test page. Easiest thing to do is replace that part, if you can. Those horizontal lines could possibly be fixed simply by re-seating the drums and then running the cleaning routine. Follow these instructions and see if anything improves: Maintenance Options on the Dell 2150cn/cdn Laser Printer | Dell .. If the print quality is still shit you'll need to purchase that replacement drum unit I posted earlier. Here's a site I found that sell parts since Dell doesn't seem to sell new stock. Dell 2130CN Parts I would get this: Dell 1320C & 2130CN & 2135CN PHD Drum & Developer Kit That part should solve your issues, unfortunately it costs almost $200 USD and at that price you may as well just buy a new printer. It doesn't look like you need a new transfer belt, which is good because that would set you back another ~$200. I also don't see any of the tell tale signs of an issue with the fuser which is also good, as that'd be another ~$170. As you've probably realized printer parts are not cheap.
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