• Possible CPU or motherboard damage from OC
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I overclocked my i5 6600k to 4.5 GHZ with 1.36 volts, I had to increase ICCmax to about 150 from 120 because I ran in to a current limit (I have a feeling that this was what caused the issue). I ran prime95 for a little while and it hit 90c, but it seemed stable enough. I have tried this overclock before but this is the first time I did it without the default 80 C temperature limit. I did some other stuff for a while, browsed the web and moved some files. After a while a firefox tab crashed, and I decided that I should just go back to my previous OC. (4.4 GHZ at 1.31 V). And when I tried to boot in to windows again I got these bluescreens every time: Page Fault In Nonpaged area IRQL Not less or Equal I removed my OC completely and tried to boot in to safemode, but no luck. I read about the BSODs online and some people said it might be a corrupted drive, so I tried reinstalling windows, the installation worked and I got in to window for a few econds before i got a BSOD again. And after that I got the same bluescreens at boot. Anyway I tried a lot of different things, but through trial and error i managed to figure out that my PC is only stable if I undervolt the CPU massively. uh so did I damage my motherboard's vrm or something like that?
Run Memtest86+, it could be a ram issue. You don't have to run the full test, leaving it for 1-2 passes is usually enough. I've had an instance where the machine would fail to install windows, but work under every other circumstance. Turns out that the machine wasn't under a lot of ram usage usually, but during windows install it used up over 3,2 GB of ram where the faulty part was. Could be something similar with your machine but the machine only starts using the problematic ram when it tries to fully run windows.
I should have mentioned that imanaged to pass memtest with 0 errors
800 MHz at .6 volts worked for a while but now its as unstable as before. I get the error "critical process died"
what mobo/cpu have you got out of curiosity?
I5 6600k and Msi z170 krait Anyway, I'm trying to get warranty service for my cpu (i bought that overclocking warranty intel sells) but their website is completely broken and doesn't let me log in.
So I bought a new mobo and it didn't solve the problem. I think I'm just going to buy a new cpu and mobo. But I have no idea if my memory is compatible with ryzen
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