• Graphics Card Finally on its Way Out?
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Hey Facepunch, I usually don't post these kind of threads but I've been pulling my hair out for the last 4 days trying to figure this out. I feel like my gaming laptop has been on it's last legs for a little while now, but it just recently became unplayable a few days ago. So it basically started out as me having to disable and re-enable my Nvidia GPU in device manager after longer sessions (2+ hours) since after playing something graphically intensive for longer than that amount of time trying to launch any other game would usually result in a "no DirectX compatible device detected" error. I've been on a Resident Evil 2 binge basically since that game came out, and on release I was able to run it at a very consistent 60fps, but seemingly completely randomly (nothing updated on my end, neither the game nor my graphics driver), and now I can't get it to stay above 35-40fps. At first I thought it was just an RE2 thing, but trying out some other games I've been playing on and off like Black Ops 4, which previously hovered around 120 but is now struggling to do 30, and Path of Exile which never ran great but I kept above 60 now can't even get past 25-30. First thought was to fuck around with in-game settings but that doesn't help much without basically putting everything to lowest. I tried both rolling back my Nvidia driver a few releases and updating to the latest driver with clean installs and no dice. I fucked around with the Nvidia control panel, trying to force the games to exclusively use the Nvidia card (I also have an integrated GPU since it's a laptop). and as a last resort I tried uninstalling the Nvidia GPU completely, starting off with Lenovo's VGA driver and then putting the GeForce Driver back on top of that but that didn't do anything either. I guess I'm kinda looking for any help that anyone would be willing to offer. Programs that might help me diagnose the issue or the health of my hardware, suggestions to try to get things running back the way they were, or even any additional information that I could provide that may be helpful in diagnosing the issue. I maybe should've opened with my specs but here you go: Laptop: Lenovo Leigon Y720 OS: Windows 10 (64 bit) RAM: 16GB DDR3 GPU(s): Nvidia Geforce 1060 GTX (8GB VRAM) , Intel HD Graphics 630 Processor: Intel i7-7700HQ @ 2.80 GHz and I went ahead and ran a DXDiag too since that's probably more useful than me trying to type out my specs: Draze's Latest DXDiag I appreciate anyone that's willing to take a look at it and provide any help they can, the least I can do is throw a few facepunch coins your way. And Hell my last paycheck was a little larger than I expected it to be so if you guys could help keep me from having to get a new computer I'd be happy to grab you something off the steam or the humble store for your trouble. XOXO, Draze
When it comes to laptops, check if your computer isn't heat/power throttling, check with HWinfo if you're getting proper power delivery, check if your computer didn't switch to a lower power profile, etc.
Thanks for the suggestion. There wasn't any power or heat issues from what I could see with my limited understanding and watching the graphs on HWinfo for a few hours, and I even double checked the windows power settings to make sure they weren't on power saver or some shit like that.
Nuke your GFX drivers with DDU and then install the ones from your laptop vendor, if that doesn't work, install the Intel and Nvidia ones from their respective websites.
Hey sorry to leave you hanging. I used DDU to get the GPU to just show up as a "Microsoft VGA Compatible Hardware" in device manager, and then started out with the GPU driver from Lenovo's website which was driver version 391 point something and I actually got worse fps with that (25-30 on RE2), so I updated to the latest (418.81) and that didn't change anything either other than getting me back to 35-40 fps on RE2.
By the looks of that benchmark, to me it looks like it's thermal throttling or something's fucked in your windows install. Give a refresh / reset of windows a try and see if it improves things.
Considering the CPU's locked to 800MHz, I can pretty much guarantee you it's thermal throttling, the temperatures would look alright because it's consuming very little power at a frequency that low (I.E the point of throttling) You can download Intel XTU and it'll tell you for sure whether it's throttling or not: Download Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU)
The shortage definitely seems to be ending, my local computer store now has stock of most cards. The prices are still higher than they were 2-3 years ago, but hopefully they will start lowering prices when they realize most people aren't going to buy at those prices.
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