• Good and simple software to backup data on external SSD?
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Hey guys, I've been trying to be less lazy to backup my stuff on an external device in case my PC gets bricked for whatever reason. Do you guys know of any simple to use (and perhaps even free) software for backups? I need something that won't wipe all data every time but will only overwrite the differences between the previous version of the backup and the current data I'm trying to save (which I guess is the point of backup software). I don't even know if it's doable but if the software is also able to save multiple "revisions" of the backup (I'm not sure if it's the right term for it ) as in keeping in memory the differences in the last 3 updates to my backup (for instance) that would be ideal. That way if I delete something by accident and update my backup, I would still be able to find that file in the revision before that last backup. Thanks!
I haven't used it personally, but i've seen recommendations for Macrium Reflect by Techreport, and it seems to do differential backups even in the free version. You'll need the paid version to backup folders instead of drives, and to use the more convenient incremental backup system, though. The paid version ain't particularly cheap, but you can get a discount code for it by donating any amount to Techreport. It might be overkill if you don't want the data recovery features, however
The Best Free Backup Software That Only Copies Changes I found this. Might be what you're looking for. It looks like the free version doesn't automatically delete old backups, but that's something that could be done with a bash script scheduled to run when you back things up.
Go with https://bvckup2.com/ You can use it beyond its trial period.
Pretty sure windows has ROBOCOPY built in, you could also use git.. maybe? I've heard Git can be used for revisions.
I just use the backup built into windows, Windows file history. You can configure how long to keep revisions and also cleanup revisions that are older than x whenever you want.
Thank you all a ton for your answers! I hope these can help other people as well. I'll give the answer bounty a bit later to whoever's solution I'll be using later this week, I'm way busy atm.
Goodsync would work.
By the way, would it play nice with an external SSD that I'd be plugging in and out often or does that not change anything?
Unplugging and replugging works fine. Beware that windows backup makes the drive unusable for other purposes though as it makes the drive unreadable by the end user (or atleast that's how it was last time i used it).
That has never been the case for me, it just creates a folder for it in the root of the drive. You can still store other stuff there just fine.
Maybe it's different when using windows server? It's been a few years so i barely remember if there were any options about it.
Thanks for the help, I'll try out Windows File History this weekend.
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