• Can't install Radeon Software
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Just got a Radeon VII, wiped my old drivers, and on trying to install the latest ones with my VII installed, I keep getting one of 3 things: 'Checking for new drivers' indefinitely in custom installation 'Detecting hardware' indefinitely in express installation 'Components are already installed' with the web installer. I've tried DDU, I've tried the AMD cleaner that comes with the Radeon software, I've tried all of the above in safe mode, I've tried different versions of the software. Nothing works. I am able to install the VII drivers manually through Device Manager, but I cannot seem to install the Radeon software. I've looked at other threads of people having the same issue, and DDU seems to have solved this for most people. Anyone got any ideas? https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/227099/a17db764-6819-42fe-b7d2-8a7b1a620e39/image.png
What's the installer you're using? I had some issues trying to install the drivers on my media server (which is basically just a backup gaming rig with a shitload of storage) and swapping installers fixed it for me.
Alright so I managed to install it by going through the driver folders and installing the control manager individually rather than with the all in one setup, because I guess this way bypasses any hardware/update checks that were stalling. So it's installed now and the drivers are in and they're all working nicely together except now there's a new problem. Flashing/flickering! The display starts flickering on Windows after a bit. Starts out as intermittent single flashes, but occasionally will be in quick succession. A restart seems to fix it, turning the monitor on and off fixed it once. I'd been benchmarking games for for a while before it first started, and it never once flickered ingame, just on Windows. After a restart if I open a game I can get as long as I want out of it and it only starts after a bit once I've exited. Do I need to RMA this thing or could it be a driver issue? Performance is as expected, the card isn't overheating, it doesn't seem to be effecting games at all.
Are you sure you’re using the installer version that supports Radeon 7?
Because your card is literally bleeding edge, use the DVD that came with the card. If you don't have a DVD reader find something that has one and make an ISO image
It didn't come with a disc of any description. It has 2 power cables and a warranty document. Yes, I got the Radeon 7 version of the driver from their website, it's what I've been using the whole time.
Yeah, that's what I do when shit like this starts to happen.
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