• Help finding a VESA desk mount and VESA adapter.
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Hello, I have a 23-inch Apple Cinema Display that I'm wanting to use with a VESA mount. I am 6'4, and have measured that I'll need the mount to reach at least 20 inches (51cm) above my desk for optimal ergonomics. My budget is ~$100 USD total, though I can go higher if I have to. I'm sick of using this monitor on a box that still isn't tall enough. Bonus points if it can handle 20lb (9kg) so when I upgrade to an ultrawide monitor there will be minimum fuss. There are these WALI and Mount-It! stands I have found that fit my criteria. For the mount adapter I have found these three, AMER Mounts, Human Centric 1, and Human Centric 2. ​​​​​​​Link to my r/buildapc thread.​​​​​​​ I'd appreciate any advice or recommendations, thank you!
You need an arm where the max capacity exceeds the monitor weight by quite a bit, or it will annoy your ever so often. Ergotron LX is the go to product, but you can't go wrong with its Amazon branded cousin either.
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