• Need help recovering some video files
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So my grandpa passed away almost two years ago, and not too long ago I remembered that I had actually done some recordings of him some 8-9 years ago, recounting his experiences of WWII. Well, trouble is that they were on my old laptop that has been formatted (just surface-level) once or twice. Using Recuva, I've been able to recover some other old videos from the same era - those were largely much shorter, so less chances of getting overwritten with stuff I guess. I've also recovered a bunch of very large PDFs (multi-GB stuff) that I suspect might actually be video files, since I've really never handled PDFs that large; is it possible that Recuva is simply listing them as PDFs for whatever reason? Beyond that, I'm aware that they've probably sustained quite a bit of damage; are there ways to deal with this? Are there other programs that are better suited for this than Recuva? All help is greatly appreciated!
Considering there's a lot of sentimental value behind it, I'd say your best bet probably lies in handing it to a company specialized in data recovery. Since the harddrive still works and hasn't been low-levelled it shouldn't be too expensive, I'd guess somewhere between 3000-6000DKK
Keep trying different file recovery programs! I tried Recuva once and it worked alright - but when I tried EaseUS, the results were much better and they even kept my file structure intact, I was blown away. I would say try that as it's the best data recovery wizard (in my experience).
given the level of sentimentality i'd disagree give to the professionals
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