• Mouse clicks not registering after keyboard inputs
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This is probably very obscure and some driver related issue that can't be fixed easily or intuitively so I am fully prepared to give up. Basically when I press anything on the keyboard, mouse clicks don't register at all for half a second. I'm using a thinkpad x230 running macOS Mojave, and I'm guessing it's a driver issue. It seems fine on linux and I haven't been able to test it with an actual mouse yet. I never noticed this problem on my hackintoshed x220 so it took me awhile to figure out why my game was being unresponsive, I thought it was my shitty code. I might just switch to linux for my gamedev needs instead of trying to figure this out, but any help would be appreciated.
This sounds like an overagressive palm rejection setting somehow being applied for the mouse. Don't know enough to help much but maybe looking into palm rejection will give you some leads.
My keyboard is not connecting to my port and every time it said USB not recognized. What should I do?
You using a separate mouse or are you using the trackpad?
I'm looking into disabling it but it seems like there's not an easy way. trackpad mouse buttons
VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip fixed it by changing the kext, uploaded above for anyone who will ever need it. it's just rehabman's latest though so you can grab it anywhere. The only thing I miss and I don't know how to get it back is the scroll behavior i had on my x220, basically when you hold down the middle mouse button and move the nipple, it scrolls in the corresponding direction. Now it just acts as a middle mouse click. I actually spent a few hours trying to get it back on Windows 10 before giving up so it seems like a problem with the x230 in general.
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