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Talk about Linux my dude.
I really wish CSGO was as responsive on Linux as it is on Windows. I get 140+ FPS but it just feels less responsive for some reason.
Darksoul: I really wish CSGO was as responsive on Linux as it is on Windows. I get 140+ FPS but it just feels less responsive for some reason. Hm, which operating system?
CSGO feels fine for me on my fedora 26 machine. Do you have some weird performance tweaks in your config file that make it go faster on Windows but actually work against you on Linux? Steam saves all that shit to the cloud, so if you threw some things in there back in the day it's likely they're still there on every subsequent install across every operating system you've used.
No, and vysnc doesn't work at all on csgo with nvidia. fps_max did help somewhat though. Still getting screen tearing and nothing feels fluid and smooth. I mean the game runs and you can play it but it's not like the windows version. I'd hate to play competitively on this as is.
Weird, are you playing at your monitor's native res? I play at 4:3 because my monitor's refresh rate is faster that way and I noticed it wasn't working on linux because it scales in the program using sdl rather than actually changing your display output. I had to add an xrandr command into the csgo launch script to get it to work properly.
tbh I have a mixed feeling about Linux, I used to test it how it is, I used Arch Linux and Ubuntu but I prefer being on windows bcs I'm used to it. My last experience with a Linux OS, I installed a GPU driver and apparently killed the OS... About CS:GO on Linux, I tested it but just a little, it just felt like CS:GO on windows with just lower fps.
I wanted to install Linux, but I'm kinda worried about screwing things up and fucking up installation process.
If you fuck up the installation you just reinstall. It's easy.
Alright, I'm gonna read some tutorials now, I will try to install Linux when I get better download speed.
I was able to resolve the issue by reinstalling Ubuntu.
Cinnamon is a very comfy desktop environment. I hear they really fucked up gnome.
meh, gnome 3.x isn't that bad. It's different but really not bad. I'm kind of DE agnostic myself, but mostly been sticking to Plasma 5 lately.
i3wm is the only option.
And when themed properly it's quite cozy.
What's everyone's experience on Gentoo?
Sounds tedious with little to no advantage. If you enjoy linux, I think it would probably be a fun little adventure.
One of the larger dedicated servers I use run it. I haven't really had any issues with it. But I'm not the system administrator
I wish I had Hammer Editor on Linux. And working GMOD add-ons. But my life goals are to get Hammer Editor on Linux, and then my life is complete. don't hand me "trenchbroom", "sledge", or "Jackhammer", because all of them are retarded programs, and or don't support Linux.
Hammer works okay in wine but you need a windows vm to actually compile the map.
why do I need a windows vm? that'll just complete my 250 GB and I'm already at the neck of it.
vbsp.exe, vvis.exe and vrad.exe all hate wine
wow... jeez, might as well start searching for working alternatives...
It's due to the Linux mouse smoothing & acceleration I'm pretty sure. Even with it supposedly completely turned off it's still noticeable
On Arch now boys! First time using Linux in the last couple years, last time I used a distro was back in '08 when I put Ubuntu on a broken laptop. Dual boot with Win10, but never go into Windows lol
This thread want's me to replace windows to linux.
You can always dual-boot. If you use your PC for gaming, then game on Windows, and do everything else on Linux
I was supposed to do that but I end up staying on Windows most of the time due to laziness
Set linux as your first-boot, then instead you'll be using Linux because of laziness
i like my packages how i like my women: with stale apt repositories and package freeze. this is why debian is my distro of choice https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/180360/f021c2f5-b72c-4730-ac9d-c66ac419445b/2018-01-24_20-16-50.png old i3-gaps setup before I moved on to an x220 with better hardware note the interesting 20TB of allocated virtual memory to a single process
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