• Polidicks Rules - Updated 13th May 2017
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These are generally what you were used to within SH. Because of the political issues, I expect this subforum to take on a more serious tone. [B]Reporting & Posting Guidelines [/B] Because this is a debate forum we expect you to put effort into your posts, ensuring that they contribute positively to the current discussion. If you make a joke, it must be appropriate. Facepunch is accepting of differing opinions. Please don't report people for "[URL="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flaming_(Internet)"]flaming[/URL] / [URL="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll"]trolling[/URL]" just because you disagree with them. You will be banned for flippant reports. The overall aim of our moderation policy is to promote discussion in a manner that is balanced and fair to all. If you have issues with how this is conducted, please feel free to contact me via PM. [B]Thread Creation Guidelines [/B] You must be able to produce an accessible source that is reliable and no more than 2 weeks old. It must not duplicate an existing thread and must be named appropriately (no editorialisation or tags please!). Use the most neutral source you can find. Sources that hold a heavy bias are not permitted. Refer to [URL]https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/[/URL] if you need help selecting an appropriate source. Do not copy and paste the entire article. Post a helpful snippet of the article to provide an overview and link to the rest. Opinion pieces are not news. [QUOTE=postal;52044283]so IE anything related to governments or politicians, or anything directly to do with Trump or Brexit, should instead go here from now on. this subforum is NOT for stuff that [I]may [/I]end up just causing a debate about politics, like a shooting thread causing a debate on gun control laws, or a thread about a homophobic person causing a debate on trump, or anything related to political correctness. those go in SH[/QUOTE]
I just wanted to expand a bit on source selection to try to clear up some common questions I've been getting. Refer below: [B][U]Selecting a Good Source[/U][/B] [QUOTE=Big Dumb American]We no longer maintain an explicit list of banned sources, because it's just not possible for us to curate a comprehensive list like that with our limited time and manpower. There are countless publications and websites out there. However, we still expect you to produce reliable, honest, accessible, and relatively unbiased sources. Obviously, some bias is inescapable, but take care not to use something that wears it on its sleeve, like Breitbart. If you want to do some checking into your source, we're unofficially using the following website as a guideline right now: [url]https://mediabiasfactcheck.com[/url] Our criteria are that a source must have a bias rating no farther than [I]Center Left[/I] or [I]Center Right[/I], and that it [I]must[/I] have a [I]High[/I] rate of factual reporting. This not only eliminates propaganda rags like Breitbart outright, but pretty neatly trims out some of the more extreme main stream sources like Fox News and Huffington Post. If your source isn't listed on this website, use your best judgment. Look at other articles on your source's site to see if an obvious trend emerges, check the "About Us" section for potential agendas or backing, or do some searches on the source in Google to try to attempt to verify its reliability. If you cannot produce a source for your article that is reliable, honest, accessible, and relatively unbiased, then chances are pretty good that there's something fishy about it. In this case, it is likely better not to post it at all.[/quote] [B][U]Non-English Sources[/U][/B] [quote=Big Dumb American]Given that this is an English-speaking forum, English language sources are always preferred, even if only as a secondary source (IE-- your primary source is non-English, but you post a secondary English language source to supplement it). If no English source exists for your article yet, for any reason, then it is of course permitted to use a non-English article as your only source so long as you make a reasonable effort to provide a competent translation. Do take care to adhere to the guidelines on choosing a [I]good[/I] source, though. It must be reliable, honest, accessible, and with a minimum of bias.[/quote]
For those of you concerned with the rule change, use your noggin. If you're presenting an opinion peiece as news your going to get shut down, if you're present it as an opinion peiece for the sake of discussion you're going to be fine. And if you post an Alex Jones bit for the sake of discussion, be prepared to be covered in boxes. It would also probably be a good idea to explain why you think the opinion peiece is relevant to a political discussion instead of just posting something with no context. With that, if you think the piece is junk don't post in it. The only reason crap propagates is because people feed it.
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