• Senate installs Kavanaugh on Supreme Court
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Republicans have shown that they don't care about the common law system or if something is unprecedented.
I am not trying to sound all alarmist but these are extraordinary times, if you told the things happening today to anyone in the US from a fear years ago, most would have put that off as crazy talk. Nothing is off the table for the GOP, nothing.
Then they have no right to complain when the court is modified by the next Democrat president, if they cockblock all reforms like it's 1937.
You know they will complain regardless. They will use anything to make their base feel like the oppressed victims.
The worms have eaten into their brain, just walk on by as they wait.
https://twitter.com/paleofuture/status/1048687846725308416 https://twitter.com/paleofuture/status/1048714398724849666 jesus fucking christ
It's a mark of how effective the GOP propaganda machine is that they've convinced women to be anti-women
The person's a Hungarian and what looks to be a Trump supporter, odd
I don't recall if this was posted. https://twitter.com/PressSec/status/1048687047400218624 More evidence on the pile that the GOP politicized the court
I thought the press secretary was supposed to only, you know, secretary the press, not lap at Trump's piss puddles while screaming about how amazing 'freedom' tastes.
That's the only way to survive in this administration. If you don't suck his dick for every little thing, he fires you
For as much as people joke about Trump living rent-free in liberal's minds, the same sure seems to apply with Clinton living inside their minds. Has any other presidential administration brought up the losing presidential candidate this much more than a few weeks into their presidency?
no you see, crooked hitlery is behind everything wrong with america, is supported by (((them))), and would have started world war 3 with russia anyway #maga
My mother is like this. She thinks it should be illegal for women to work outside the home because it's a Man's job to work and a Women's job is to stay at home.
Ya, don't look too far into the abyss. It is terrifying how low some people will stoop, just to hurt their fellow citizens.
How the vote to confirm compares with the last 51 years. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134246/b352aef0-4665-4705-b4a0-93e9cd30decd/image.png
So much for the civil right
Apparently being forced down and being fucked in the ass is melodramatic.
Scary news. Every day I have another reason to grow more concerned.
I wanted to avoid bringing up that detail. But apparently there's still people who disbelieve what i'm saying. Worse is that one """""""""""""Incident""""""""""" is one of many over 3-4 years.
You just make the harshest(and most hollow) assumptions of everyone around you. The fuck is the point
This shit isn't needed, if you have a point to make then make it in a civil manner and leave personal attacks out of it, especially when multiple posters have alluded to the nature of Death-Trooper's situation. I get wanting to clown around in threads but you should do that in a friendly manner where it is appropriate, this was quite obviously malicious and you should really apologise. He went beyond mere disbelieving, he was actively mocking you. He needs banning if he doesn't walk it back.
Ironically, all you're doing is proving their point about the precedent Kavanaugh sets for this country's treatment of victims of sexual abuse. The only person "aggressively naive" here is you.
He needs banning, regardless.
Alright, get back on topic and keep it civil.
I don't know, depending on how the midterms/next presidential election go, i might seriously consider moving countries, if I even can. I don't want to lose my rights and live under an administration like this.
The great thing about the Kavanaugh confirmation is that it has the capability to immediately reveal if women around you are bloodthirsty, insane shrews. I'm sure some of you have seen this effect: female friends, coworkers, family. A woman who is 100% sure that women never lie, shrieking, blood coming out of her ears -- OH THE HUMANITY! Disregard the rule of law! Worship the holy gynos, assemble Simultaneously, these same women are incredulous when they find out that no one wants them in the political or corporate machinery.
"Joined, Oct 7th, 2018" Yep
Yeah. I was inspired to join the forum for this very conversation about Kavanaugh. Little did I know that there was such a lack of diversity, or I would have joined sooner.
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