• Senate installs Kavanaugh on Supreme Court
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This also opens up another vacancy on the DC circuit court of appeals, which is the second most important court as it hears lawsuits about federal legislation.
Hopefully they find someone equally as qualified as Associate Justice Kavanaugh to take his seat.
But without the unjudicial temperament or background as a partisan operative.
Honestly, I feel like these past few years have become much more than simple disagreements. Also welcome to Facepunch, I'd recommend not acting this way in future if you plan to stay.
I'd prefer someone better qualified, who won't spout conspiracy theories about the Clintons and threaten Democrats with revenge. Regardless of what may or may not have happened in the 80s while he was drunk, he demonstrated himself to be unfit to be a judge. He brings with him an ethical shadow that's going to dog him on any decision that touches on liberals in any way. The Supreme Court's decisions should not have an asterisk attached.
The dumb posts aren't even worth rating anymore because it's just depressing the state things have become. It's almost become the new norm. Thanks Trump.
I feel for Kagan and Sotomayor, if Ginsburg or Breyer pass and get replaced with conservatives they don't have much reason to show up for work with a 6/3 or 7/2 conservative hold.
Banned for wrongthink no doubt. Demonstrated himself unfit to be a judge? When professional politicians destroy your reputation and label you as a serial rapist because they couldn't win seats on the Supreme Court fair and square? Having Kav throw in the towel only subsidizes this hysterical behavior. You can't possibly run the judiciary like this. American Bar Association doesn't feel the same way as you do, and I'm going to guess they review a lot of judges.
They actually bumped his rating down around 2006 because of his temperament.
Yeah, about that... https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/10/05/american-bar-association-reevaluate-kavanaughs-high-rating-citing-his-temperament/
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/232726/af389f37-5089-43cb-a837-b9c56319f206/image.png Are we being raided right now?
Absolutely nothing about the way Merrick Garland was treated is fair, don't make me laugh. Bitch McConnell cockblocked him for a year and rushed Kavanaugh through as fast as possible. Absolute hypocrisy, but that's normal for the GOP these days.
are these epic libtards triggered or what xD
Here they come...
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/242634/2e316815-9588-49eb-a09a-b159ea46d46b/image.png They make an excellent team. Yeah, I can't make memes for shit, but it's more of a critique.
I think you're angry buddy
Maybe. Nothing wrong with anger though, not in this case - and I'm not even American.
Maybe if you're a baby, there isn't even a reason to be mad
This thread is like a lightning rod for brand new troll accounts. There have been 3 already in just the last page. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/232726/8f51792a-b925-451c-af05-193858542a05/image.png
Alright, lets try this again.
Literally stop replying or even rating these alts and they'll stop coming. Whatever happened to not feeding the trolls
UncleJimema, you're a hero for that ban reason.
I know this is a bit off-topic and my pre-emptive apologies to Uncle Jimmema for that but I think it's a little funny that you were complaining you only see me go for zingers instead of bringing anything to discussions, yet here you are, boldly and openly laughing at someone for being sexually assaulted. Because clearly that's what I should be doing instead.
Don’t. Most of the problems in American politics are a symptom of the petty and hateful attitudes of the voters - both left and right. I don’t think anyone outside of America wants Americans (not you in particular, but in general) coming over and bringing their brand of political participation with them.
This is 100% false. Most of the root problems in our politics stem from things we have zero vote in, like corporate money.
Wait, how are you going to say it's a problem of leftist voters when Republicans control all three branches of government, including both houses of Congress? What even is "petty and hateful" about the American left? This is such an unbelievably arrogant statement.
It's ultimately very disappointing to see the alt right/traitors taking over the government with such ease. This midterms will really be a defining moment. Please remember to vote even if you have to call off work. Tell everybody else too. This is way too important.
Yes, at the moment it is mindless violence. Shit's rolling downhill and picking up speed but there's still time to stop it without having to resort to violence. And anyone trying to do so at this point would be jumping the gun and find them not only with little support but on the wrong side of the law under an administration that will do anything it can get away with in order to stamp out dissent. And you're completely overlooking an important part of what I said: A huge portion of our populace is completely out of touch with reality. Resorting to violence might get rid of the immediate threat but would antagonize them while simultaneously not actually dealing with the issue that they're so out of touch. Luckily for you that won't be a difficult task to accomplish. They could pick any random idiot off the street and have a high chance of finding someone just as qualified as Kavanaugh.
You make a great point. Its definitely too early as you said. Republicans are sniping at our education system which is already garbage to begin with is also a major reason, it's like they want masses of folks dumb enough to continue voting for them.
Yeah, unless they plan to storm in there to rip the fucker away from his seat and then proceed to lynch him on those stairs, this isn't going to accomplish much of anything.
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