• Senate installs Kavanaugh on Supreme Court
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https://puu.sh/BHcEh.png @Jordax @nihilnoid @Charades @The Dude @benten80 @Slendermang @Sevgi @minge-killer You know i would like to know what exactly was in my post that made it funny to you guys.
You're not gonna get anything from them, they just wanna stir shit up. Well, except maybe Jordax. He'll type up half a novel that makes zero sense.
Imagine caring about ratings.
Yes because a huge circle jerk over why everyone is sad and disappointed is any more serious. If you really wan't to complain how about taking action and make valid points that don't involve "muh feelings".
I swear facepunch needs a literacy test before you can post. The funny thing is if you read the posts here,you would see there is plenty of point blank evidence rather than "muh feelings" Yet you dont want to appear "weak" or whatever for changing your mind in front of an anonymous web forum. I can only imagine how pathetic you must be in real life
I can't imagine what you're like in real life when you're getting this upset about ratings on an online forum.
How about you answer the question. "You know i would like to know what exactly was in my post that made it funny to you guys."
haha i trolled you!!!! you are so upset and angry!!!!!
I can't imagine what you're like in real life when you put up a tough-guy act after someone calls you out for being a moron.
https://forum.facepunch.com/pd/btsrm/Senate-installs-Kavanaugh-on-Supreme-Court/3/#postcwavlz Gee, I wonder why someone would be bothered by funny ratings when they're a survivor of sexual assault watching an alleged rapist be nominated by an alleged rapist and pushed through by a cadre of old white men who don't want to investigate the rape allegations. Before the rule changes with newpunch, insensitive ratings on sensitive posts were bannable. This isn't your average "wah stop giving me boxes" ratings complaint so take your hands off the keyboard and shove them in your pockets.
Yes, I too regularly mock sexual assault victims.
t. Orrin Hatch
I honestly can't stand this country anymore. Republicans are going further and further to the right to appease Trump, who isn't even a far-right person, he's just a fucking idiot that keeps getting more and more extreme to get more ratings and support from his borderline psychotic fanbase. A lot of the Democrats don't know what the fuck they've been doing, and the DNC is literally helmed by corporate interests. That's all that matters in this country's politics. Who cares about policy and the well-being of the people when you get your pockets stuffed and you get a free win in the next cycle? I used to think the Democrats was far more caring of the people, but it's a very tiny minority I've come to found. The rest of them are just PAC sleazebags, and you'll see it especially if you come to live in Chicago for even a little bit. In order for this country to change, we need: removal of the current voting procedure, and adoption of more modern systems like IRV. Forbidden use of PACs/super PACs, and greater countermeasures against lobbying. Term limits for senators and representatives. And that's just the beginning. I'd love to leave, but the only thing holding me back is family, friends, and my SO. If it wasn't for that, I'd be taking a one-way trip back to Europe. And hell, if nothing changes this upcoming decade, I'll see you guys in Switzerland or whatever.
I remember posting when I was 13 too. Can't say I had a fetish for mass shooters though.
The only chance I'd ever have at being able make it out would be illegally, through some overstay a visa type stuff or something. So unless things get bad enough that that wouldn't be stupid, I'm stuck here. Trust me, people my age would kill for even a year or two in a country like Canada or the UK. It's funny because I've been on FP since I was a preteen. So I'm certainly informed enough to say I'd be extremely comfortable overseas, but people in my real life that only know the UK through like, QI and Dr. Who say the same thing.
tbqh this is me right now. https://media.giphy.com/media/ZNp5TjVU4elVoT1QsI/giphy.gif I'm still angry at the decision and the current state of this country. But Not really Upset or Angry at the ratings of my post. More of Confusion. Just a full on honest question to the people who rated it. Why? Seriously. What is funny about it? Or "baby" about it? Cause quite frankly every-time i have to bring up my experiences. It's never fucking fun. But considering the events of what is currently happening to this Country. I have to bring it up. Just to show as someone who has dealt with this shit. This is fucking bad. Like real bad. The future for victims of sex abuse, Both Male and Female, has been thrown into jeopardy. The fact that the GOP completely avoided an FBI investigation (And only gave a very limited one in the end), disregarded Kavanaugh's abysmal behavior during the hearings, attempted to slander and paint Ford as being nothing but a liar or as Kavanaugh stated "An agent planted by the Clintons to discredit him in a grand conspiracy", and the biggest one of all. The President of the United States of the America openly mocked Dr. Ford. The President of the United States is mocking a victim of sexual abuse. For the love of fuck let that settle in. Even if Kavanaugh's nomination was voted yes/no, or he became guilty/not guilty of sexual assault. It shows how much the GOP doesn't give a fuck about rape victims or people who suffered from sexual abuse. Given their actions, they rather sweep it under the rug or call it nothing but "Locker-Room talk" "Boys being Boys" or "He couldn't control it, he was young at the time". Or another excuse, to quote from Watchmen. A Moral Lapse So Please. Give me an honest to god answer of why you guys rated it like that. Either you're just trying to stir shit, or you legitimately believe my experience was "funny" and me getting angry about it is being a "crybaby". And if thats the case. Lets just say I'm a bit disturbed.
If you seriously consider moving to Canada, I can't help you with the application process but I know some very knowledgeable people that could answer your questions regarding housing opportunities, job opportunities, cost of living and the general cultural landscape in different parts of the country.
I'm glad you're having fun shitposting about my rights being very likely taken away from me
Theoretically that equal rights amendment can protect transgender people, could be ratified in the 38th state by January next year. Of course SCOTUS could interpret it not to.
what a “””nuance””” y’all will be to the GOP come 2020 when you reddit slacktivists all go on ur favorite video game forum to whine about how the big orange Cheeto won in 2020 and how evil he is rather then take some action, white college liberals are pathetic.
You think there's a snowball's chance in hell that this new SC would ratify an ERA? Seriously?
As long as 38 states ratify it the National Archivist adds it to the list, without congressional approval or anyone else's.
At this rate I'll have to move to Canada just to get my stupid fuckin hormones
So you want us to act. Yet you make fun of us for discussing this and call us whiny for wanting to take action. Though tbf i guess Double-Think is the new standard for the Alt-right/far-right in this country.
Still go vote.
They are all sociopathic sadists who enjoy the suffering of others. It's the only way they can still feel a modicum of joy in their sad, uneventful lives.
They're a bunch of cowards, hiding behind ratings so people won't criticize their shitty opinions.
you know the whole edgy and “haha school shooting xd” shit stopped being funny in like 2014 right
Hi. This doesn't mean much because ultimately they're just ratings and shit but I have no idea who you are and rated you crybaby because I thought you were being overdramatic for no reason. I didn't realize you've been through anything like this so I went back and changed my rating. I'm sorry!
Much like real America, this forum is now split between normal people and drooling retards.
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