• Special Report: Why Poland fell out of step with Europe
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That includes Poland’s status as a victim of Nazi Germany. Many Poles feel the West has failed to acknowledge the depth of the nation’s suffering under the occupation, focusing instead only on the Jewish Holocaust. The government says some Poles have been unjustly vilified as perpetrators of atrocities against the Jews. In fact, some sheltered Jews. And Poles themselves were deemed “sub-human” by the Nazis. Earlier this year, Poland’s government passed a law that would allow the courts to jail anyone suggesting the Polish nation was complicit in the Holocaust. Under pressure from the United States, it later watered that down to remove jail terms. Wow they're handling their denial about as well as the japanese. Oh and whats this?: The health ministry has also sponsored a booklet called “Towards maturity” for school instructors on family and reproductive health, with a stated aim of “preventing a tendency to postpone procreation.” Included in it is a statement that promiscuity “changes a woman’s psyche,” because “a woman’s nature is to devote herself entirely to a beloved man.”  As it builds its nostalgic story, PiS has introduced a sweeping reform of school programs, focusing in particular on history, literature, civics and geography. From now, school children will be taught about the “benefits and costs” of EU membership, according to education ministry documents. The ministry mandated the added word, “costs.” The new core curriculum says that “the aim of schooling is to strengthen the sense of national identity, connection to history and national traditions.” Oh dear, I'm afraid Poland has a bad case of NATIONALISM! To an extent I can understand due to Poland being so invadable but at the same time many other countries in Europe have walked this dangerous road and have had their entire economies ruined because of it. This article makes it seem like the Polish government doesn't want to be a part of the EU or rather they value national identity over prosperity. I blame France and the treaty of Versailles for creating this governmental fuckup
They have a good point here, not just Poles but Slavs in general are often ignored. I've seen it countless times where people will refer to the Holocaust as the murder of 6 million Jews, but forget to mention the other 5 million Slavic victims. 11 million people were killed, yet 45% of them are forgotten by a lot of Westerners.
while true, the soviet union and its ensuing occupation of eastern europe for 40 years onwards kind of hid the extent of their suffering from the west
Considering they flipped between German and Russian occupation and stayed occupied for decades, I can understand why there'd be a strong nationalistic presence in there.
Thank Zionist propaganda for that one.
Article goes into that too, while they're glad for the economic opportunity the EU bring, they're unhappy with certain civil policies being forced on them. They haven't forgotten how Western Europe failed to act when Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invaded them in tandem; nor how they were completely abandoned when the Soviet Union occupied the entire country and installed a puppet government, which the United Kingdom then recognized as legitimate, and ceased to recognize the Government-in-Exile. The Nationalist government makes some good points, but they're also becoming more authoritarian which is making Europe nervous.
Or you know. Something that was far more fucked up than the other overshadowed the suffering of others. Instead of this Zionist conspiratard bullshit.
It's not Zionist "conspiritard bullshit". To deny that extremists exist and attempted to affect the narrative is extremely foolish. I'm not saying that they run the media or that ~the jews~ are manipulating anything, I'm saying that a group of extremists did the extremist thing and were loud about it. Edited: Worth pointing out at this point that I am ethnically Jewish.
It's a love-hate relationship with EU that PiS leads. The economic support is very welcome, but when it doesn'f necessarily benefit Poland greatly, throw shit at them. There is no a bit of solidarity here the money that was given to us by other EU members didn't benefit them, but us. They expected our nation to mature, to later support other countries like they supported Poland. But PiS doesn't want Poland to leave EU, it's too beneficial. And there is no procedure in which a member state can be thrown out of the union by other members. Poland is a bloodsucker of EU, like Hungary is. All of this is pretty fucked, but I'd blame the fact that Church has not a small influence in our politics, and PiS itself, while not nationalist, it's pretty populist. It's a political individualism, playing cheeky with the EU and to some extent belief that West is failing, so will we, if we take western values. Political shitstorm, but at least it's not Obran's Hungary. Ugh.
Poland has the right to deny refugees. Only Poland and it's people who how much it can take in.
Well, I hope you folks are enjoying this government-approved clown fiesta, because it sure as shit ain't gonna change any time soon. The ruling party, Law and Justice (PiS) - which, funnily enough, stands for the exact opposites of those values - has managed to fuck up the country and rig incredible amounts of shit in their favour. And the general populace (or at least, their electorate) eats that shit right up. PiS and its supporters exist so fucking deep down in denial of reality that they are seriously convinced that everything they are doing is good and/or morally correct. Y'know, things like having their candidate for mayor of Warsaw be an anti-vaxxer sack of shit who changes allegiances based on the highest bidder. Or things like removing judges from the Supreme Court that are uncomfortable for them, all under the buzzwords of "cleansing the country from post-communists." * Or things like not prosecuting nationalists who have shown physical violence to women protesting their marches, because "the violence wasn't socially harmful". Or things like rigging the electoral system so that basically votes can be manipulated to suit the whims of the people counting them. Or things like replacing the head and other members of the Constitutional Tribunal with PiS lapdogs so that effectively all decisions made by PiS are given an automatic pass and anything else is stopped. Or things like denying that being part of the European Union gives us any benefits (and going as far as calling it "an imaginary group with imaginary benefits", despite a shitload of Poland's infrastructure being financed from EU funds). And it's not going to change. With the state TV pushing blatant propaganda (they are required by law to be impartial. They aren't. It's all pro-PiS, anti-opposition and anti-leftwing horseshit) and the populace eating all the lies up, I have absolutely no expectations for this dogshit country. I intend to flee to Canada at the earliest convenience. Poland is a lawless country. PiS wants Jarosław Kaczyński's dictatorship and they will stop at nothing. *Worth mentioning, they have Stanisław Piotrowicz in their political party; the man was a prosecutor during martial law in Poland, and also tried to obstruct justice when a pedophile priest was being prosecuted two decades ago. Somehow him being one of the people they claim to want gone is not an issue.
hell yeah dude let's not take the 10k refugees in a 38 million country, oh man it'd be scary yeah lets let Italy and Greece take care of the issue on their own, despite them having already many problems of their own - there's no such thing as solidarity, isn't there? Helping each other in an Union? That's retarded dude; I'd much rather antagonize our closest allies and the institution which we are part of, than actually do our due that would have no impact whatsoever Yes, fuck PISs for anatgonizing our allies, dividing our society further with their fear mongering and sucking up to Americans
Actually, as an EU member country, they don't, they have to meet the quota that has been set on a per-country basis.
Go right ahead-you won't be missed 😘
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