• US conservatives start smearing murdered journalist Khashoggi
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So the US is really doubling down on this shit, huh? Saudis really didn't do anything wrong?
The GOP is complicit in his murder, guaranteed.
Republicans are scum.
A man is dead, for fuck's sake.. Do they have any shame?
I think you already know they don't
As far as I understand the way the Conservative party works these days, it has nothing at all to do with Khasoggi, and everything to do with damage-control after Trump said something retarded again. Trump defended the Saudis, now the party has to fall in line so he doesn't look like an idiot alone.
This is disgusting. Next they are gonna fucking say the kids that get bombed in Yemen by the Saudis are fucking terrorist too.
na just covering it up because it hurts Trump.
these guys are really plumbing the depths of ass hattery
McCain happened, so no: they have zero shame unless it costs them more than a handful of votes.
When was last time USA did anything significant against Saudi Arabia?
Embracing the champions of Sharia Law to own the libs
And also terroristic Oil gains to own the libs.
“That cool $100 mil is totally worth it guys! Just call him a terrorist empathizer and plant, and we’ll be home free!” Dad loves listening to Bubba the Love Sponge, and apparently they had Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends (in)fame(y) on, airing his doubts about why the reporter was there and why the Turks has the info etc. etc. A fucking American resident and journalist was tortured and executed by the Saudi government. What fucking difference does it make, holy shit.
This is disgusting..
Half the GOP just want to make a lot of money so they go along with fascism. The other half is a fascist cult
If they were trying to paint Saudi Arabia as innocent to justify arms sales, that would be bad. But they're straight up claiming the extrajudicial killing of a journalist is justified. That's 10x worse.
Trump is secretly a Muslim.
Trump founded the Muslim Brotherhood. D:
He's a Muslamic islamophobe, apparantly. He's whatever he wants to be, a total opportunist.
How the fuck can you defend Saudi Arabia in a case especially like this.
Easy: Weapons deals, oil, Trump’s personal stake in possibly establishing real estate there, etc.
Even more fun, Saudi Arabia is probably the state closest related to 9/11. So literally supporting the guys who enabled Pearl Harbour 2.0.
Even then, you can just fucking ignore the fact that it happened and you'd get off even better without being as much of a scumbag. Literally how are republicans this fucking stupid.
lmfao he's not a fetus why would they care?
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