• China's secret prison camps - BBC report.
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So if I understand this correctly, the Chinese government is committing human rights abuses on a level not seen since the reign of Hitler, imprisoning without trial thousands of Uighurs in "re-education schools," a euphemism for concentration camps. "State-run TV has been showing glossy reports, full of clean classrooms and grateful students, apparently willingly submitting themselves to the coursework." For the record, this is exactly what the Nazis did to cover up the atrocities they committed against concentration camp prisoners: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3o224wcpk0lez5e/IMG-2588.jpg?dl=0
I'm not looking forward to seeing smoke rise from the furnaces, here.
I remember posting about this back when a similar thread came up a few weeks before. I was still unsure back then but I guess this is the answer.
Now we are faced with the situation that pre-war america was in - the position we often criticize it for. It did not enter the war, despite the atrocities, until pearl harbor. Are we going to allow god knows what to go on until a new pearl harbor happens? What if it never happens, do we just turn a blind eye to what is occuring?
We wouldn't do anything anyway because we're too cowardly of World War 3 to do anything about it. I swear, everyone who has the power to forcefully put a stop to these atrocities have lost their collective spines.
What CAN we do that A- doesn't turns the world into a wasteland B- doesn't do anything
We can accept the risks and do it anyway, that's what.
Pretty much. It isn't worth living in a world if it lacks human rights.
We have the ability and the responsibility to do the right thing, yet no one has the balls to do so. It infuriates me.
sorry to disappoint you but this is what the soviets did all the time.
Gotta get them cheap goods though!
China has nuclear weapons and is the 2nd largest economy on the planet. Setting aside how horrible a war in mainland china would be for everyone, there's not really much the west can do to get them to not do this without massively crippling the world economy and and massively ramping up another cold war. as long as the communists are in power this shit will happen
I don't care about the cost, if it means setting those people free from the oppression they're being subjected to, it'd be worth it.
the cost is total obliteration of the human race. If we had a war kick off with china they'd end up nuking us, and even though their arsenal is small its enough to kill most americans, then seeing an advantage russia goes off and does something which might very well end up in a full scale nuclear exchange with our combined arsenals plus NATO being enough to extinguish pretty much all life on the surface of the planet and wipe it barren for ages. ya its genocide at worst but there's nothing we can do militarily to stop it, that's the sad lesson of ww2 in that might does make right
Then fight them covertly and in a way that we can plausibly deny. Assassination, espionage, subversion, sabotage. Use the same tactics we used during the Cold War against Russia except ramped up to 11.
that didn't stop the gulags or the stasi.
It can if we send a black ops team in to kill all the camp guards and set the Uighurs free.
Thats just unrealistic unfortunately. This is really a fucked situation.
Imo, doing nothing about it just makes us complacent.
Yes; because we didn't give a shit about the Jews (and plenty of people supported their deaths) then, and we don't give a shit about Muslims (and plenty of people would support their deaths).
So you'd start a world war that would most likely end civilization as we know it for many, over the people in there? People who would, in the process, most likely also die? Am I crazy or that sounds ludicrous as fuck?
Even if this did happen China would use it as an excuse that they were right all along and the Uighurs are violent extremists and their actions were not only justified but too kind to begin with and we'd see the camps pop up again, mostly likely with more extreme conditions for the detainees as well as a number of China's other undesirable individuals being labeled as Uighurs as an excuse to throw them into these camps so they vanish.
If one were to aim for more realistic (i.e. non-warring) means like economic or political to force China's hand, the inevitable downsides would likely be strong enough where the general populace would prefer to stop, once they can be convinced they're getting direct negative outcomes (like prices of goods going up) and the outrage cycle moves onto some other outrage porn. Most people honestly don't give the required amount of shits about this kind of thing for there to be any hope of actually doing something about it.
If fear of war makes you not want to save others and help the weak, when this world is so filled with evil strong men, you're a pussy bitch, and you should do us all a favor and grow a pair of balls or just stop breathing, because there's no place in this world for the men who stand idle by and let evil triumph...if you are willing to let evil win, then you are just as evil.
there really is nothing you can do. this should've happened years ago when china was becoming a rising global power. at this point they easily rival the US in every aspect and surpass them in some. and it'll only get worst, and the UN can't do shit considering they're a permanent member now, why it is that THE PRC got the permanent seat, instead of Taiwan, is beyond me anyways. AFAIK when the permanent seats were set China was still one. (after some reading it seems taiwan WAS the china representative in the UN up until the 70's, when they were displaced, 70something in favor VS. 30something against votes).
So you would sacrifice human civilization and probably all life on earth... so you can feel morally righteous? You'd happily let billions die so you could feel macho and strong, like that accomplished something? That's not evil, not even insane, it's vain-glorious How much of a hero do you think you or your country will seem when the ash has settled and there's nothing left to recognize you by?
Nobody has ever won a battle through self-annihilation.
I dont think you realise how much the world would be risking if war with China were a thing.
are you the guy who writes for hollywood trailers
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