• Russia blocks UK's post-Brexit tariff proposal at WTO
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Russia blocks UK's post
oh that's fucking amazing trolling coming from the country that very likely helped drive the brexit movement to begin with.
The UK tariff split with the EU was a bad plan from the start, we've all raised objections to it.
What's russian for 'gottem'?
This is good banter to be fair
I think Putin had the biggest shit eating grin when he signed off on this - if I had to guess.
I think this was all part of the plan. Russia's entire goal here is to cause as much strife as possible. Their misinformation campaign to help get Brexit going in the first place was with the intention of causing this whole mess that's ensued. That they are now objecting to this proposal is solely to cause more problems and drag out the entire controversy, all to cause more in-fighting the West and keep that in-fighting going as long as possible. Why? Because it makes Russia's life easier. The more time and attention we spend on fighting with each other, the less we have to keep an eye on and punish Russia when they do things like - say - invade Ukraine or assassinate Putin's political opponents. They don't care about Trump himself, nor do they actually believe in Brexit. This is all because those situations are harmful to their respective countries and so controversial that it keeps our media distracted with all the mud-flinging. That's in Russia's best interests so long as their intention is to gradually and subversively take over everyone else.
The Russian state have been our arch-enemies since the 1700s. Seeing as the great game only ended because the Union fell, I'm wholly unsurprised they'd do this now they're becoming bolder internationally again.
Absolutely. Cambridge Analytica, the same company that influenced the US election also worked on Brexit, and guess how many ties it has to Russia? Russia is currently at war with the West, intending to cause as much chaos and strife as possible while they work on their own goals. Don't believe me? Russia stated it themselves, adopting the Gerasimov Doctrine in order to bring themselves the best advantage, all because of their politicians being stuck in the old Soviet mindset that everyone is out to get you, so you have to get them first.
I wouldn't exactly call them bolder in terms of power. But on the espionage/intelligence level. They're on par/better with the rest of the world when it comes to manipulation. Russia could probably be curbstomped easily. Though of course the only reason we can't is because they got nukes.
oof we're getting fucked
You can hardly blame Russia for the "war" though. When Germany was reunified and the Soviet Union dissolved, it was agreed that NATO would not expand east of Germany. In 1997, the US broke their promise to Russia at the Madrid Summit when they inducted Hungry, Poland and Czechoslovakia into NATO. Obviously, this was perceived as a threat to Russian security by the Russian government, in the same way that the Soviet military buildup in Cuba was seen as an act of aggression by the US government during the Cold War. Russian leaders have been vocally opposing NATO enlargement in Eastern Europe since the 1990s. And they made it adamantly clear that they would not stand to see Ukraine pulled into the Western sphere of influence/control. When the US and the EU supported the overthrow of the Ukrainian government in 2014 as the will of the Ukrainian people whilst at the same time condemning opposition in Donbass as Russian agitation, they pushed us into this whole proxy conflict with Russia which has now pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war. Russia responded by annexing Crimea due to its strategic importance and has actively supported the separatists in eastern Ukraine in order to destabilise the country and prevent it from being able to join NATO and the EU. And the West has responded with sanctions and by supporting the new pro-Western government in the Ukraine.
realtalk. All of those countries would prefer being under NATO than Russia
Maybe we should rebuild bases on Cuba, they'd prefer that too.
Britain: "Look out world, GREAT Britain is back and set to become TITANS on the world stage, storming ahead of the others and showing the EUROPEAN TYRANTS our BULGING SOFT POWER! First of all-" Russia: "nyet." mmmm can you TASTE the sovereignty, I know i can feel that we won't be bossed around by other nations any more!
We've gone from using our veto power to control the EU to having Russia use their veto power against us.
In all seriousness, one has to wonder how much of Russia's Grand strategy would fall apart if Putin were assassinated. He's too clever for his own good, and he's an extremely competent leader, but he's just one man.
Putin is building a Russia that is unsustainable in the long term. The moment Putin dies, the Russian political establishment will collapse. Putin has built a personality cult around himself, and he has crippled the democratic process and concentrated so much power in the executive that the Russian state apparatus essentially can't function without the corrupt political order that Putin has created to assist him in the short term. Combine that with Putin running out of funds to appease the oligarchs he desperately needs to appeal to to maintain his power, and Putin's Russia's prospects don't look too good after Putin dies.
Before Putin there was Stalin, and Lenin before him. Somebody will rise up to take power.
It doesn't matter if someone else takes power, that's a given. What's important is whether they can display the same ruthless cunning as Putin has. He's a formidable opponent of a rare sort. Without him, Russia may falter.
at least russian standard isn't actually made in russia so i can still take away the pain of all this nonsense
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