• US Justice Dept. asks Supreme Court for Discrimination Ability Against LGBTQ
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I can't imagine reaching a point where the Justice Dept. asking the Supreme Court for the ability to discriminate against a minority is something that I want to give my stamp of approval but still being too spineless to actually comment.
So the vastly heightened murder and suicide rate doesn’t warrant their protection? Eat my fucking nuts.
A rating expressing an opinion.
"I don't care enough to debate about it" is such a chickenshit reasoning. You don't care enough to defend your position but care enough to go into the thread, (hopefully) read the article, rate it, and defend your decision to rate. Even if ratings don't mean a lot it still generally shows how you lean on a decision. Also your intention doesn't have to be to get a rise out of people, if you rate something positively then you're indicating your positive towards the content so getting called out is entirely fair game.
I'm sorry, but this is so rediculously stupid. People rate important stuff without commenting in every single thread ever made. Sometimes people just want to express a quick feeling about it without entering into a debate. I don't even know what the current discussion is about. I just couldn't help pointing out how dumb you guys are being.
it takes a hell of a lot more effort to write paragraphs of arguments than it does to read something and hit a tiny picture to argue about it on an internet forum, yeah
Does this include being able to go to the bathroom comfortably? just asking
wow, another high effort post from our local brain surgeon! how do you find the hours in the day?
The intent behind rating instead of posting isn't so much what bothers people, as much as the intent behind choosing what rating to give - a thing that is either done for trolling (which we ruled out), or indicates somebody's actual opinion on the matter. It can also be said that a person who consistently enters threads on subjects of these sort and rates posts consistently probably does have the time to respond, and if they choose to never do so the reason might actually be cowardice and the fear of being called out.
I really want to know why you think this is anything but a bad thing, please elucidate your thoughts on this matter and enlighten us.
Rating is still an opinion. Therefore it can be criticized.
You are gonna catch a lot of shit for this post but I just want to point out how much I appreciate you pointing out how dumb everyone else is.
Is it wrong though to call him out on repeated behavior in the hopes of him clarifying what he believes? Is it wrong to hold very real the possibility that the reason he doesn't do so is because he's afraid to enter a long-winded discussion in which he is likely to get shat on by dozens of people? You'd think a person who cares enough to read and rate not just thread opening but many posts in them while at the same time posting in other places constantly probably has the time and power necessary to put in that effort. Consequently, is it wrong to call such a consistent and persistent post-rater who doesn't post himself a coward?
I'm not going to stop you but personally after reading his post history I wouldn't expect any serious answers.
If you need to write paragraphs to express your opinion then you need to learn how to actually express your thoughts in a concise manner.
This point holds no water because you're spending a lot of time defending your cowardice in this thread.
calling people out is rarely ever done with the intention of actually getting a straight answer from them but rather to highlight how awful they are
I'd say it's usually hopeful for a response, though usually a straight answer would further highlight how awful someone is rather than contribute to meaningful discussion.
You're transparently full of shit, It's not even funny
Thread is now about Ratings and the absolutely heinous act of stating your opinion without intentions of arguing with people. Absolutely irredeemable, Laika... AKA Adolf Hitler.
No one's saying you have to explain every single rating you ever make. That actually goes against the point of what we're arguing, that ratings can be used in place of posts. But if you, for example, go into a thread about a government trying to make discrimination legal, and your reply is "good", you have no right to complain if people call you out to explain why you think that. "I don't want to cause a debate, I just think discrimination is okay, why is everyone yelling at me to explain myself" is a completely braindead reaction. And "well, you NEVER called on people to explain why they rated a puppy 'cute' or a mass shooting 'sympathy', why is rating discrimination 'winner' any different, huh?" is an immeasurably dull and insincere excuse. Either you're legitimately incapable of understanding context, or you're grasping as hard as you can for a "gotcha" while purposefully ignoring the subject at hand.
Tbh it's pretty easy to not rate a person, I do it a lot. If you don't want to contribute at all I wouldn't rate at all.
If only you took the effort it takes to press a tiny picture and put it into actually thinking.
Are you genuinely this stupid or are you just a run of the mill reactionary and act like this for a living? It's the opinion being expressed that's abhorrent, not the way which it was done. Also nice one gas lighting people afraid of losing their rights by suggesting they're overreacting to someone reveling in this fact. Fucking dullard.
Thread is now about how people aren't allowed to oppose someone elses opinion of something that directly effects them because it might upset @Staggr
It isn’t being contrary. Its because youre against basic human rights and rhat makes you a bigot
I never said it upset me. Just an observation. I know you all want a target to jump on, and you'll go out of your way to find it.
Imagine the thing that grabs your attention and compels you to post on this subject is the fact people are getting mad at someone and not the impending threat to minorities. A-1 priorities there king.
"i just find it interesting"
Because I don't really hold a coin in this conversation, I'm not American and I don't know anything about the LGBTQ community. I came to the thread expecting thoughtful or educational discussions but all I found was people demanding someone crucified for the rating they left.
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