• US Justice Dept. asks Supreme Court for Discrimination Ability Against LGBTQ
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"i don't know anything about this issue, why it can negatively harm people, or even live in the country that it affects, but i still think it's a pretty great thing to happen" if you truly didn't care or know about the issue, why rate it 'winner'? no one forced you to rate it
If someone rated a genuine call for violence towards Jews with agree would that be fine too since clicking a lil ol icon doesn't mean anything? And holy shit maybe you shouldn't open your mouth if you don't even know why people are rightfully mad in the first place. This situation doesn't have two equal sides or nuance to it, just fear and hate. Log the fuck off.
I probably wouldn't notice because I don't obsess over ratings.
I'm gonna give your obituary a winner rating, how's that sound.
Thanks in advance for celebrating my life.
You're in a bad position to be calling for a higher standard of discussion with melodrama and straw-manning like this. Perhaps the best course of action would be to steer clear of conversations that you, by your own admission, have neither interest nor knowledge of - rather than jump in to make snide remarks about how the quality and subjects of posts aren't to your liking in a topic of conversation you 'hold no coin in', but still saw fit to advocate in favour for the subject of the OP, albeit in the meekest way possible.
I wouldn't be in the thread if I had no interest, I initially came to see people's thoughts and maybe to learn something. I'm definitely not in favor of the OP, I just don't agree with harassing someone over the rating they left.
It's not the ratings. It's because those ratings express an opinion. If that opinion is shit, prepare to be called out for voicing your shit opinion.
Good for you, but when people see an article like this that hits home because they've lost someone they cared about over shit like this they're probably gonna be a bit more prone to noticing that little icon that indicates that dumbshit mcgee finds it to be a grand old time.
@Laika just hates trans, black, basically anyone not white and straight people I've played overwatch w them, they're basically a new nazi even one of their friends says they are lol Also they love rlly fucked up porn n we're basically a laughing stock of the old gmf crew back when they were called furnost lol, rlly miss those days when ppl had the common sense to bully a pedo Nazi in the gmf rather than give them piracy help
I feel this way especially toward the negative ratings. I virtually never rate people Dumb, because I find it to be an overtly strong rating that I'd need to defend, and I honestly very rarely find myself willing to actually exert the energy to defend rating an opinion I disagree with Dumb. That being said, when you do see me rate something Dumb, that means I find it so irreconcilably stupid that I am actually willing to sit down and explain exactly why I find it so stupid. That doesn't happen often, but it does happen on occasion.
Baby is even worse than boxes. Boxes you could make the argument that it's been on facepunch for so long it's part of our vocabulary. But baby is a fairly recent addition and I see it create tension and flared anger again and again.
I wish i knew who tf you are but youre either trolling or making shit up since i dont hate blacks, and am not a pedo or neo nazi
Your reputation precedes you.
People will say whatever they can think of when they are witch hunting.
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