• 8th possible explosive device addressed to former VP Joe Biden
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https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-packages-biden/investigators-seeking-suspicious-package-addressed-to-ex-vice-president-biden-official-idUSKCN1MZ041 https://twitter.com/6abcJeannette/status/1055421295746256896
Oh come the fuck on. Leave Joe Alone.
How does one know addresses of all politicians?
how suspicious you would know this
Just look at his banner. Alt-Right poster boy alright.
or just google it. I'm p sure it wouldn't be hard to find them.
What I don't get is how none of these devices have detonated? Are they inept or is the point just to cause fear?
This is absolutely terrifying.
Either it's a timer and they were discovered before it could go off, they weren't actually designed to go off, or they were but the plan was for them to be found before they went off to cause fear.
are there any reports of actual bomb's ingridients? was it actually capapble of detonating in a first place?
I saw that at least one had explosive compounds in it, with glass shards for shrapnet
Can't believe we're at a point in time where the white house and acting government couldn't really be too bothered to care about literal targeted bombings. If this were the 90's or early 2000's people would be losing their shit.
I'm so intrigued to find out who is doing this and what their story is
I can't speak for all of the packages but I recall at least one of them was sent to their office address, which would be publicly available information.
Saudi Arabia did 9/11 but everyone ignored that so I would say it's been a thing to ignore bombings for a while if it's a group the country has ties to.
the targets have been democrats
https://preview.redd.it/vve79i5e7bu11.jpg?width=960&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=bba44e48c88fc8c0d7e84b1b98898be804af95ff https://i.imgur.com/o7yVloZ.png /r/The_Mueller has been on point with the heat about this shit . Really though, I hope they catch this sick fuck soon before he does some long term damage.
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