• Far-right insurgent Jair Bolsonaro elected President of Brazil
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reactionary behaviors really arent that unique to the modern internet era, they were always prevalent in democratic societies. its always easier to vote against someone than to vote for someone.
More like the pendulum always swings the other way. Are you really shocked that populism is a thing again?
Of course he was. He campaigned like crazy with all the shit he did to promote himself on social medias. Using social media to spread your political agenda, what a ridiculous idea that would never get a track in other parts of the world! *looks at Twitter*
Didn't Brazil have a succession of left-wing leaders who lead the country to its current state?
Putin would just be replaced by some other Oligarch puppet who would peddle the same kind of politics. Putin is not the real power in Russia.
We've created the perfect avenues for propaganda.
Let's not forget the years of all the "stop taking the internet seriously!" excuses that allowed these kinds of people to peddle their BS nigh-unscrutinized until it was too late.
Yes, finally somebody gets idea. he will be replaced by new imagemaker and attention magnet and scapegoat. Cause it works soo damn fine.
The coffin and prison industries are about to explode in that country.
What a toxic personality he got going there
If anyone on Earth were to be considered a Bad Guy™, it'd be him. It seems that his whole personality is built around being a contrarian to humanism. The world would actually be better off without this piece of shit.
RIP Brazil, I guess its Heil HUEtler from here on in.
Fascism is the product of misinformation, all bigotry is. The information age has simply made it significantly easier to spread, and thanks primarily to corporate interests grinding the gears of government to a halt, we haven't managed to properly catch up with it.
The internet is just inherently advantagous for far-rightism, it relies on emotional reactions and short fallacious arguments which are conveyed easier through memes, videos and shitposts which are perfect for people with short attention spans. Have those people watch a 1 hour long factual documentary to become informed on climate change and they won't make it 5 minutes.
It's fucking wild how people thought the internet would unite people and share information, but all it did was further promote echo chambers and group/tribe mentality.
We need to wipe these right-wing memes off the face of the earth.
We should of known better, people said this about every new medium including TV and Radio and for the most part its just a new way to peddle bullshit.
It's done both though, the problem isn't so much with the internet itself because it has empowered the individual citizen and given great opportunities to basically everybody. It has fundmanetally changed society in both good ways and bad ways and society hasn't properly adapted to it (yet?).
The second greatest mistake we made was ending fairness doctrine on television, and the greatest was not giving fairness doctrine to the internet.
Fairness Doctrine for traditional media is hard enough. Fairness Doctrine for the internet is legit impossible.
Hush, don't tell them that. Also don't tell them that he was running against a candidate of the party that has been ruling Brazil for the past 16 years. Four terms in a row and you're in the shitter? Better give you a fifth one!
How the fuck would that work? What websites would need to comply? Right-to-work is hardly the end of the world. It's law everywhere the ECHR has jurisidiction, for instance.
3rd greatest, centralizing the internet on the websites of a handful of companies.
We'd need to establish clear walls between factual and opinionated content, a system of site ratings akin to media bias check as a mandatory disclaimer, a licensing process to produce a news site.
Current state being what? The previous president, Lula, was widely popular and implemented numerous social and economic programs to lift people out of poverty and strengthen the Brazilian economy. He was imprisoned on incredibly suspicious corruption charges in what was in my mind unquestionably a political hit by Brazil's ruling class, and then denied the right to run as a candidate from prison when all the polls showed he would have won this race in a landslide.
And what counts as a "news site"?
It feels like mankind is heading steadfast toward a cliff, but i feel like we never really crawled out of the canyon.
well that's too bad. you're free to stay in your sheltered bubble
None of these platitudes require knowing the Brazilian political landscape to be made. You didn't get into the details because, I imagine, you can't. Who are the groups and influences in Brazil? What are the regional dynamics? Your post is so condescending, yet so empty
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