• Kanye: I was used by conservatives to spread messages I doesn't believe in
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Who gives a fuck about what this bankrupt moron thanks?
Kinda weird saying it like that, at-least the guy seems like he was genuinely speaking in his own interest (or now what he thought was) and it's better now he's going to talk more controlled and through agents. Also the title is kind of misleading he never said it was the conservatives or anybody in particular but, I don't see what else it could be.
doesn’t mean he isn’t dumb as dogshit still
Id like further clarification into this but it doesnt sound like we are going to get any
Yeah, I couldn't imagine being a handler made to handle a rabid MAGAt.
He isn't though. Look at how successful he is. You're projecting out of shear juvenoia and jealousy.
He was mislead into spreading messages he didn't believe in like Trump was so damn quiet about his politics or something?
Just because kanye has made lots of money(And also ended up bankrupt, and needed to take a serious loan from his wife who is richer than he is) doesn't mean he's smart And it doesn't mean any criticism of him is from envy or anything else. He genuinely does criticizable things.
I agree but "dumb as dogshit" isn't criticism.
After the whole song and dance about how his MAGA hat gave him +5 on his spellcasting rolls, having him be all like "OOOOH MY EYES ARE OPEN NOW" makes me think of South Park.
Yeah... but we know he's dumb as dog shit
Correction: The idea of him sounds dumb to you. The man himself is far from dumb.
He does dumb things. He makes bad business decisions. He went so bankrupt his wife had to bail him out of debt. He routinely says things that are easily proven false. He's a modern artist surrounded by nothing but yes men and ass kissers. He's stupider now, than he probably ever has been because he's what is typically known as a "Sycophant". Sometihng that happens to a lot of celebrities. There's very little evidence he's super intelligent, there's a lot of evidence he's capable of making bad decisions. If you're gonna be staggrs alt at least try
Kanye, please kill yourself already. Thanks - everyone else
I don't want Kanye to die and so shouldn't you. for example his song and music video 'I love it' is a work of art.
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