• Kemp pledges to sign religious freedom bill to discriminate lgbt+ people.
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Creed, through out my whole life, has meant "A system of beliefs". That's how I use it in regular speech should I use it. I acknowledge that it has more definitions than just mine, but you seem pretty offended by the very idea you might have to take into account a different denotation.
Quit arguing semantics and contribute to the actual topic at hand.
Creed, through my whole life, has meant "version of christianity". But I grew up going to Sunday school. I'm not offended at all, I'm just telling you what I was referring to, because I could see there was some confusion.
If I wound you, am I stabbing you or am I tying you up in rope?
That's not what you gave away, tho. You gave away the power to do business with whom you want.
Not really. But nice try.
Can you please explain this to me I'm afraid I don't have a very good brain like you do.
Given how your response to my "I guess you're just biased against the KKK" analogy was to say "kemp is the KKK!???!" And how your response to people complaining about bigotry was "why are you blaming christianity!??!?!" I don't think you're in any position to whine about other people arguing semantics.
I live my life by the Assassin branch of christianity
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109906/0da16066-8560-4dc1-bcc3-f45b70b81ca9/image.png HumanAbyss would simply say your sentence is grammatically incorrect and makes no sense.
Staggr how are you at parties? If you go to baby showers do you complain that infants are not raining from the sky?
Why would you discriminate against a race it's good exercise
I wouldn't waste your time with Staggr to be honest he's pretty clearly not interested in having a discussion.
No but I was awfully pissed when I went to KFC for toonie tuesday and I needed more than a toonie to pay for it.
Honestly, you're just embarrassing yourself as much as you think you're getting at me lol
Do you mean someone placed semantics in an elevated location? Can someone bring it down? I need semantics for a conversation later today.
why is this website called facepunch when nobody is getting their face punched
I'm quite financially stable thankyou.
help guys, I think I'm having a stroke
did you try not thinking you're having a stroke?
You are making baby Jesus cry and your hands will go hairy.
So are you ever going to address any of the arguments related to the actual subject levied at you or are you just going to keep desperately trying to derail the thread by baiting people into following you through this tangent instead so you don't have to deal with the hole you've dug yourself into?
While LGBT discrimination isn't as bad as it was against blacks, owing to the fact that you can hide homosexuality, let's not pretend that discrimination wasn't a problem. In fact, it was such a severe problem that in the era of long distance road trips, black people would often be forced to pack food, water, gasoline, portable toilets, and be prepared to sleep in their car because there was no guarantee of service anywhere. It was so bad that a black businessman published a travel guide of black-friendly businesses that travelers could visit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Negro_Motorist_Green_Book
I've answered everything that was asked of me.
No, you distinctly have not.
Such as?
Why do you think this is a good thing? Why do you think this is even a reasonable thing? Why do you think the free market is gonna somehow prevent all the fallout involved?
I don't. Business owners get more control over their business, but that's about the only thing that seems reasonable about it. I never said it would.
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