• US Election Results 2018 - A blue wave in a sea of piss
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They're just following the Mark Twain model of 'Get your facts straight first, then you can distort them as you please'.
NBC is saying a final total of 229 for the hosue I am one off damnit!
It's pretty fucking ridiculous how geography makes the Senate favor Republicans so heavily.
As an outsider who only loosely follows these things, what makes Ted Cruz particularly bad compared to others?
https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/1060007986473635841 https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/1060008207454736385
This is bad just FYI.
NYT is guessing 231 and has been for a while
I have no clue what you just said. Is it looking good for America or not?
In order for Democrats to really get be able to get a majority again, Puerto Rico and DC need to be made states.
I’m getting Pennsylvania flashbacks
Fox is calling Cruz as winner
tbh I'm just not in favor of a system that allows big empty tracts of land to hold a lot of political sway in general
Scott Walker is also losing, that peice of shit, I can't believe hes stayed so long after the teachers strike fiasco.
Wait, in what way? Do you mean RCV voting is bad? Memphis voted against anti-RCV voting measures -- so they're anti-anti-RCV.
Just got back from voting, and it was my first time too so I'm proud. Unfortunately I'm in Utah where Mittens is sure to win. Whats crazy is I almost didn't vote until I found out that Utah has day of voting registration so I literally had no reason not too. And turnout was crazy too, its super close to closing but when I left the line was still growing. So even if I don't really make that much of a difference I'm still feeling pretty good.
He is a man seen as devoid of ethics or morals from men who are, themselves, bankrupt of ethics or morals. He is that guy the villains of the story look at and go 'phew, well, at least I'm not that much of an asshole'. He doesn't like anyone. He has zero spine. He hardly does anyone any favors (reportedly). He treats his staff poorly (reportedly). He will adopt any position that allows him to win and do whatever he can to get what he wants. Nobody wants to work with him because he wants to work exclusively for himself. He's not a great orator but will speak for extended periods of time. He has all the charisma of a stained and dusty coffee cup and all the charm of a dog squirting its crap all over the cremated remains of your loved ones with a shit-eating grin. Nobody likes him in the Senate - and he doesn't care that nobody likes him.
I wonder how many confused people outside the US went to their closed polling station, because of the constant social media hype to vote
This really was the expected result I'm happy with it, dems were never expected to take the senate... I'm down on desantis if he loses though seems like a great guy. beto/densantis 2020
CNN just called the Senate.
Is Romney going to suck Trump's dick or is he going to make good on Utah's dislike of Trump.
Instant Runoff Voting kills the spoiler effect and allows third parties into the system. Both major parties must have dumped enough bad info about it to get the no result.
and Beto lost
Good, not great. If Dems take the House they can basically block any toxic legislation and investigate and subpeona Trump and his cronies unimpeded. However, Trump's judicial nominations can still be confirmed by the Senate.
I hope the house wins the house
So, looking like we win the House but Republicans maintain control of the Senate. Where does that leave us? Is it at least enough to stem the bleeding for now, or did we really need the Senate here?
The 'no' result was against bills that repealed ranked-choice voting. So this is effectively a 'yes' result.
You didn't read it right, because all them are getting rejecting because their corrupted city council members refused being placed by their locals.
judiciary approvals aren't great but house investigatory powers are pretty okay
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/251786/dd13086f-d8f3-467a-bc3f-f683457514bd/image.png its over yall
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