• US Election Results 2018 - A blue wave in a sea of piss
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350 Democrat seats.
I'll probably look up that video by Thought Emporium, where he changes the genes in some yeast to make glowing mead. Find a way to do the same for sugar-wash moonshine and watch as people get really confused.
I'm gonna go with 230D and 205R for the House Senate I'm thinking 50/50 or 51R and 49D I'm still pretty nervous, but I think its more difficult to pull off a house upset for the Republican party because its multiple offices, if they did win the House I would be extremley skeptical and suspect fraud or tampering.
You can't use the method they use to make glowing moonshine. GFP and the other fluorescent proteins will not distill and would probably denature at that ethanol content even if you were to back add them. You're better off adding in some UV active compound like quinine or B12.
Which is more important for the democrats to stop or hinder the orange, house or senate? If the house goes D and the senate R is it better than if the house was R and senate D?
Looking good! https://twitter.com/PpollingNumbers/status/1059611848864161792
My entire family wishes I didn't vote since I've yet to vote anything other than democrat. Don't plan on changing.
You people might be right. I just checked and an article 3 days ago said they're currently tied. That's a big turnaround from weeks ago, when Blackburn had a solid lead. I hope Bresden can pull it off. I'm not exactly that fond of him (he would have voted for Kavanaugh, for god's sake), but at least he's not a complete corporate shill like Blackburn. (Wretched cunt has received so much fucking money from the tellecommunication companies alone that she's lobbied against efforts here in state to allow public isp's like my towns' from expanding into rural areas that the corps don't touch anyway.)
If Democrats take the House Can investigate Trump and subpoena poeple Obamacare is safe No more tax cuts The Senate Block Trump's judicial and executive nominees Also investigate Trump and subpoena people
Those numbers are a load of shit lol. According to one of the replies, Tennessee and Georgia don't even have party registration so how would they know the affiliations of early voters? This is almost certainly intended to scare off prospective Democrat voters by showing absolutely absurd Republican figures(+34% Republican turnout in Tennessee? Fuck off).
They're all kind historically of red states too so in fairness those numbers actually are pretty decent for dem voters (plus party affiliation doesn't guarantee who people are voting for etc.)
The independent blocks should scare Repubs shitless honestly. If we're to believe 538's methodology, there's about a 50% chance Dems will hold their current number of seats or gain. If Dems manage to hold IN and MO and flip AZ, NV, and FL, McConnell is going to have a hell of a time wrangling everyone.
Yeah. I mean I know most people are going to say 538 totally failed due to the 2016 elections but even reviewing in hindsight it wasn't wrong, with the loss being a result of polling error and electoral votes. And nothing's guaranteed so I'm also afraid to be complacent and say the dems got this, but if we go ahead and consider those party affiliations reflect 100% who are voting their respective parties According to the deluxe model on 538 Florida is a toss-up but leans R, Arizona similarly so Georgia and Indiana is a solid R (and the fact the dems actually got 44% in Georgia is an impressive feat considering it was likelier for Georgia to get at least 60% minimum on R) Nevada is a toss-up that leans R, so D ahead so far is a good margin of error Tennessee is also solid R Texas is expected to be pretty R as well, and the fact it's not reaching the same level as Tennessee's R's affiliated voters right now is already a surprise, it'll most likely end up R after elections but going slightly purple isn't an out-there possibility Once again definitely don't want to take these predictions as full on confirmations of who will win but statistic wise with the predictions, it's matching up the math
My Prediction: Senate: D 49 - 51 R (D+0) [Range: D 48-50] D gain AZ and NV but lose ND and either IN or MO. O'Rourke could be the surprise to push D 50 though, Bredesen will be close but TNs just too red. House: D 237 - 198 R (D+42) [Range: D+35-45] Following 538's ratings, D win 14/18 Tossups and 4/10 Lean R. Gov: D 26 - 24 R (D+10) [Range: D+7-11] D sweep the midwest, FL, NV, and GA will be the surprise.
Who's prepared for Hellworld to continue? I'm not.
I'm waiting for Hell World 2: Mars Edition
Voted Demonrats all the way down ballot here in Montana, Go Tester/Williams! Trump visited this state 4 fucking times, more than any other state. Hope it blows up in his face.
How so?
I'm one of those rural Tennesseans that Blackburn's more than happy to screw over on internet. The 7/1 DSL that ATT charges me 80 fucking dollars a month for and forces me to bundle with the parents' $160 DTV package in order to avoid data caps is the best I can get. That alone is reason aplenty for me to not vote Blackburn '^'
Forgot to clarify this is based on 538's House forecast, so not counting on Senate which does give a possible vote share of 45% for Bredesen and 51% to Blackburn. I'm not American so I'm not too informed on the politicians and the opinions of people regarding them, and while the data still leans on R/Blackburn, it definitely can be said it is a toss-up compared to the House prediction. And going with the always dynamic factor of people actually voting and defying the odds, Bredesen can come up on top even if the House is red.
I really really really hope Beto takes Texas. I'm tired of Cruz please fellow Texans go out and vote tomorrow.
Hopefully all the shit Trump has done opened eyes for a lot of his former supporters. Enough so that less states will swing red. Good luck, Americans. You'll need it.
So I’m guessing the correct prediction wins all those coins, smurfy?
Hope you Americans double down on Trump, this has to be the best timeline.
so remind why you aren’t banned for blatant trolling yet? Or does Facepunch operate on the signed confession now?
internet rule no. 1: don't feed the troll
I’m not savvy to the particulars of the house and senate as far as numbers, so I’m just going to guess democrats will get more than Republicans by a substantial margin. Also, I early voted blue all the way down. Fuck Kemp. Better dead than red.
No, I personally want to see how far Trump can take it, he'll eventually hit a roadblock he can't overcome, I'll be amazed if he doesn't.
one pretty much has to say "i am a big trollolol" to get the mods to even notice anything now
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