• US Election Results 2018 - A blue wave in a sea of piss
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Waited in line to vote early for 3 hours on Friday. Sucked but its better than voting tomorrow (today)
Really appreciate you lads going out and voting, the world needs as many checks and balances on the wankers as possible right now.
I don't know about you, but I would be happy to leave this status quo which is what got us here in the first place, the endless downward spiral brought on by consecutive governments of many nations.
So you're basically coming into the US election thread and telling people not to vote. Could you kindly piss off?
I definitely don't want to see the status quo kept up, but I don't think that making things even worse is going to make it better
My sleep schedule is fucked so plan on going in as soon as the polls open at 6AM. Looking forward to my free sticker!
been getting attack ads all fucking week from the NRCC over radio and shit they pretty much frame the democrats as liberal hordes and credit the gop and trump for killing ISIS goes as far to say that if you vote democrat ISIS might come back. they also depict government run or single payer healthcare as if it'll destroy america. it's anger inducing because i know for a fact some people i know personally will believe that shit.
"We're heading the wrong direction. Better scuttle the ship and fucking drown!"
Wait, US elections are ongoing?
it's more of a "our ship is sinking really fast due to enormous hull damage, and we dismantled all lifeboats to use as temporary plug soo, with who you'd like to drown?"
"A random ship mate or the murderer you've already seen killing passengers to eat their rations?"
Midterm elections. It doesn't decide the president, but plenty of high government positions such as State Governor, Senate Seats, and House of Representative seats alongside innumerable local positions are up for grabs during the midterms.
I think this is the right thread to call you out for your terrible posting. You're a fucking moron. And I truly believe you aren't some bloody troll, you truly believe, what you spit out. And when you do, you either derail the topic or lead it to some sematics. There were several instances, where you couldn't prove your point with sources, and when you tried, those sources were terrible, with terrible credibility, most of the time to push some agenda that you support. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/137/9cbf730c-1c41-4bf7-9672-da8e22e2a54d/IMG_20180405_162525-1.png This is from Polidicks Discord, before you were banned there. Apart from this, there were several other instances, where you just outright said that you won't prove anything because it's either "common knowledge" or "sources are everywhere". Shut the fuck up. Your points have no basis, you have never proven anything on this forum, you spit bullshit that you believe in, yet you can't prove them. Your discussions usually lead to several pages of avoiding others' questions. No one buys your shit. You are known as the most infamous poster here on Polidicks for a reason. Several people tried to help you, to tell you to stop and get better at argumenting. But you didn't do anything in that regard because "I'M right, everyone that is against my worldview is wrong and I'll prove it to them". Truth is, if the rules weren't so lax, you would've been banned already. This post, this post that I quoted, is really just you being fucking annoying, you didn't even make any points. It was all done to "trigger" posters because you enjoy it. You are a piece of shit like no other is. A lying, annyoing cunt. Shut the fuck up, or better, get the fuck away and leave us all alone. You are not welcome here. Also to the people that discussed with Boilrig anything: Just leave him alone. Don't reply to him, don't rate him. Ignore the rat. He'll never learn unless he's alienated from this community.
Did early voters have the option of voting during weekends? Having the election day be on a Tuesday is absolutely fucked. We only ever vote on Saturdays here - for general and byelections.
almost any sane government does weekend elections, but america actively discourages voting nice democracy
Hi Boilrig. I voted early last Friday, a straight democratic ticket on my ballot. Just wanted to let you know, if you've inspired anybody to actually do anything. It was me. Hope you got what you wanted
Alright well maybe come back when you're older than 12 and actually give a shit about politics
Sure, I'll make a guess on it. And I'll play it SAFE! 49 dems in senate, 234 dems in house. Somebody has probably made this exact guess before, but hey whatever
He's like Tudd, but actually believes what he said. Which makes him even more retarded.
If you didn't vote, I'd be disappointed. General rule: If you don't vote, you can't complain.
Tudd was stupid but he wasn't delusional
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/211575/9feb84cc-642c-4ae2-9db7-bf33f77d6e85/zz.png Flaming is still a bannable offense, but obvious or even self-admitted trolling gets a pass now. Moderation has become a joke, no wonder the forum's going down the drain.
Are you okay? Genuinely asking, this seems nihilistic even for you.
He was a troll. He even admitted it, which is why he is P-B'd
I'll be voting shortly. I'm tempted to vote straight ticket, but two of the important Democratic candidates are tied to some nasty shit*, and I think the incumbent AG has done pretty well, even if he toes the party line when it's called upon. *If I were a newspaper, the phrase, "neither convicted nor indicted," would be mandatory here. It's complicated and mostly ads up to predatory business practices before they started their political careers.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marsy%27s_Law it's a poorly written amendment conceived and funded by a single billionaire that gives victims rights that they should not have i encourage reading the aclu's article about it https://www.aclu.org/blog/criminal-law-reform/victims-rights-proposals-marsys-law-undermine-due-process
You got your two cents in now I'm going to tell you to not post in this thread again or you will be banned for a week. I'm not going to let this thread fall apart before it even begins. That goes for everyone. There will be no further discussion on this matter past this post. Or you will be banned for going off topic. You know I got to look into things. I'm obviously going to get the guy blowing a gasket and losing his cool first when I get to the thread. And it would certainly help if more people used Report. We don't really get a lot of reports these days. It seems like there are less reports than before we made the transition. How am I supposed to know what everyone is doing if people don't report? Especially since my tolerance for politics is at it's limit and I don't always go into the large threads just to scan every argument for a bannable slip up. I understand and sympathize that it seems like we don't care but we're trying and rolling through the changes as you. We browse the same forums you do. I've been here over 10 years. I know it's not great right now. I'm typing this in bed on my phone at 5:00AM so I fucking apologize if I seem a bit slow. Now, no more on this matter. This is going to be a high traffic thread so let's keep it on topic, okay. I voted for Beto but I'm not expecting him to beat Cruz.
Got a family and all so couldn't get time to vote. Went for Trump in 2016 thinking he was the better of the two evils. Damn was I wrong. Really hoping there is some Obama level of change going on in 2020. A thumbs up to everyone else who did vote. Keep America rocking.
Probably because it actively tells us not to report for shit you should report for. User is wrong I am offended by User's views or opinions User is trolling User is posting a meme or image macro User has bumped an old thread User has made a low effort post, or low quality post User is making a post about something that has already been discussed
Unfortunately we have no say over what is on that page. I can assure you we're not going to ban people for reporting those things. I actively encourage people to report others for trolling (even though the page says not to)
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