• Russia seen adopting new tactics in U.S. mid-term election interference efforts
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I mean, how can this be mitigated in the future? Election interference seems to be at an all time high, and social media platforms have proven to be a particular vulnerability. There is no way that people will play fair in the future.
If there's a blue wave, Trump will use this to argue that the REAL collusion is with the Democrats
if there is none, Democrats will argue otherwise. soo whoever wins, we are to blame.
Well your government can't just be shitty on its own. It's gotta make ours shitty, too.
Fine the social media companies until they put real effort into banning bots and sockpuppets, re-authorize the Voting Rights act and juice up the Federal Election Commission's oversight powers.
Ah yes, poor bullied Russia. Go on, tell us all about how Russia is all misunderstood or other such crap.
The vulnerability comes from the fact that everything is collected into a single spot meaning its far far easier to disrupt and assault because the single point of entry is vulnerable enough that it can spread on its own. Honestly, Youtube/Facebook/Twitter need to be broken back up into decentralized venues that are not collected together. Either that or they redesign their entire system so it doesn't operate under skinnerbox product design and also remove the algorithms that help aid in making echo chambers. But both of those negatively impact their bottom lines and ad revenue.
Don't pretend like your government doesn't try to interfere with our elections, escepicly when your government can really gain from the US being weak. I know my government does shit too, it shit and I don't want them too.
That requires booting the GOP out, which is going to be more difficult with Russia interfering.
If the GOP dissolves, Russia will just buddy up with whatever comes out of that pile of ash, or possibly switch its focus on dividing the Democratic party.
This is actually a theory as to why, in part, Russia does the things it does. People like Putin know that Russia can't flourish as a state like the United States or western European nations have, so it seeks to drag others down.
Fuck off. You are not synonymous with Vladimir Putin and his government. The fact that he has warped your fucking mind into feeling personally attacked when people rightfully criticize him is disgusting, and frankly scary.
Given that doing so will likely anger the Kremlin official spying on his Facepunch posts, no.
Whats with the bans for calling out stupid bullshit? Kari is an indoctrinated fool, or purposely talking shit, its not undeserved.
Even if they're right to call him out, telling him to fuck off is still flaming. (Even if he really did earn it.)
Wait what, flaming is bannable again?
Most of the rules actually are but barely anyone is reporting things. The stuff on the report dialog isn't actually accurate anymore but hasn't been changed.
Anything that hurts the FP minority is bannable.
There are no rules, it's all down to moderator discretion
I wonder if republican voters ever find it a funny coincidence that the hostile foreign nation bent on undermining and destroying the US always seem to want to elect republicans.
They delude themselves into thinking russia is helping democrats.
Treat it like the attack it is. Call their bluff and then shoot down the next bomber they decide to test our air defenses with.
Russia is "strong" (aka fascistic and authoritarian). Russia is white. Russia crushes minorities with brute force. Russia is unironically the Republican wet dream.
(multiple treat others bans) I would like to be told to fuck off if I ever defend a government that actively attempts to undermine the democratic process. Therefore, can I tell Karimatrix to fuck off when he defends it?
It's a nice theory, but it's obvious that whoever came up with it are just russians trying to find an excuse to not put in the decades of work the rest of us put in to get working and public-serving democracies. Just building the basic framework for the nordic wellfare-states took 50+ years. That was AFTER spending 70 years refining the voting process, slowly increasing representation and expanding voting rights. America loves to pass themselves off as better because their democracy is the oldest. But the rest of us put our work in and we don't pretend shit doesn't need fixing when it doesnt't work either. So IF Putin is really trying to tear down western democracies to make his people feel less inadequate (which i highly doubt), It's only to serve his own purposes. The ONLY reason Russia doesn't have a working democracy and a flourishing economy, is because they've never chosen to fight and die for it. Now don't get me wrong, russia has suffered genocides and have died for a lot of efforts. It's just always been efforts to more thoroughly fuck over and control the russian populace. I'm not saying russians haven't fought and died for what they wanted. They just always wanted a giant cactus dong in their ass for some reason.
"I cannot believe you shot down one of our jets when we were just probing your air-space!" "Yup, you probed it, and you sure as hell found it, didn't ya? 'MURR'CA!"
lol exactly. I wish the right wingers on this site would finally grow a spine and argue back. Instead they all wait for us to be banned, proceed to play the pity card while we can't respond, and then scurry off back to their caves.
This sounds like some pretty divisive content, promoting extreme themes.
It sounds more like me trying to have a debate with people who are woefully unprepared to debate their disgusting views, and as such just vanish at the first sign of anyone calling them out(aka virtually all fp right wingers). Like you're literally doing the pity party bs in this post my dude, you're framing my desire for actual debate on here as being extremist
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